Building A Healthier Me

Some of you may remember last year I made the decision to have “month off March” to help raise money for Cancer Research UK. I abstained from all chocolate, sweets and cake for the whole of March. It was difficult initially, but towards the end of the month I had gotten used to not having sweet treats and found it pretty easy.

Since Matt & I have moved in I personally feel that my eating habits have improved, I am eating proper meals at dinner time and consistently having breakfast each day. I am regularly attending the gym and sleeping better. However, I would say that treats are slipping in more often than they were before and I am probably having more “naughty” days than I would care to admit!

There are lots of ways that I could combat this through dieting, but as soon as I put myself on a diet I want to come straight back off. So I have decided that I will challenge myself for 2 months and abstain from “naughty” treats and commit to becoming a healthier version of myself.

When is this happening? From 20th February to 28th April, around 2 months.

What are treats are you avoiding? I am going to abstain from the following “naughty” treats:

  • Chocolate (inc spread)
  • Sweets
  • Cakes
  • Pastries
  • Crisps
  • Alcohol
  • Biscuits

What about social events? I have 2 weddings during this time frame and I will allow myself 1 drink on each occasion to toast the happy couple and give Matt my share of the cake haha! I will be strong with other social events which may expose me to any of my foods I want to avoid and hope that my friends understand my choices.

What are you doing to commit to being healthier? I am going to commit to attending the gym or doing at least 30 minutes exercise 5 times a week. I increased my steps on my fit bit to 7,000 a couple of weeks ago and by the end of this time frame I would like to be achieving 10,000 steps a day at least 3 times a week.

What will you snack on? I will be snacking on fruits and vegetables as well as dried fruit over the course of the time frame set out. I often find that I eat because I am bored, so ensuring I stick to drinking my required amount by making use of my HydrateM8 bottle will keep me on track.

Are you doing this just to lose weight? Not necessarily, yes I am likely to lose a few pounds but I want to kick start healthier eating habits and gradually build treats back in to my eating pattern in moderation and perhaps using healthier alternatives. I am really invested in keeping my PCOS under control and if I can maintain a suitable diet and exercise plan then I am likely to be able to reduce my symptoms.

Are you doing this for charity this time? Not this time round as this is more to challenge myself than to do something to raise money for charity. That said I will never say no to fundraising, so if you like
what I am doing and want to gift money to your favoured charity because of my actions then please feel free!

Will you post updates? Sure, I am sure over the course of the next few weeks I will post regular updates on my Facebook page. I would love for you to keep up with my progress – just hit the like button on my page!

The British Heart Foundation really promote Month Off March and for anyone that is looking to give themselves a detox for a month or challenge themselves I would really suggest it. Month Off doesn’t have to be from food or alcohol, it could even be from social media! Imagine that a whole month where you aren’t checking your accounts every day 10 times a day!

Whatever you plan on doing, whether its just eating my share of the chocolate do it well and most importantly enjoy it!



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