I wont lie, I have been watching A LOT of Sex And The City recently. When I say A LOT I mean all the way through from Season 1 Episode 1 to the very end of Season 6. Just the movies to get in now and I will have completed my SATC fix!

Whilst watching SATC recently it has made me realise just how much of an important part of life friendship is. Whilst Samantha, Carrie, Miranda & Charlotte see each other regularly and communicate what seemed like every day, in reality that isn’t always possible.

I will admit I am not perfect, I can read a text message and not reply then forget about it for a week.

Work, the gym and just general house maintenance takes up my time and without realising almost a month has passed since I last saw some of my favourite people! But when my life slows down and I dont hear from my friends or we dont meet up for a while, I worry that I have done something to upset some one. Its stupid as every time I eventually speak with them or see them things are fine and I am just being insecure.

A friendship should not be valued on the amount of time you speak and spend with each other.

I had a couple of friends a few years ago, the 3 of us we used to live in each others pockets and talk continuously. I thought we were really close, friends for life. The friendship fell apart slowly over about 18 months, we all started to make decisions that each other didn’t agree with and our lives just didn’t interact anymore. The sad part was that at the time we each blamed each other for the downfall of our friendship, in reality it was all of us. Nowadays, I am lucky if I see my friends (apart from those I work with) once a month, we will text once a week maybe, but spending actual time together is a few hours of an evening once a month or maybe the odd day shopping every few months. I am not complaining as I love every minute I spend with my friends, but what I have learnt is that we dont have to spend all our time together.

There are lots of posts and things going round the internet like the one below and weirdly its true, real friends will be there for you no matter how long its been since you last spoke.

With that said, I hope to all my girls that are reading this know that even if I am rubbish at texting back or our lives get in the way of us meeting up regularly that you feel the same as I do.

Our friendship is strong enough that you know that I will drop everything if you need me.





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