Memories Of 2016

For most people they will claim that 2016 was one of the worst years on record, I understand their reasons as a human race we did make some questionable decisions last year but I don’t see why everyone’s year should be cast as a bad one? 

Each year, no matter who you are, you will have ups and downs and life will throw you some unexpected curve balls. However, that is normal and it wouldn’t be life without the odd curve ball to overcome! For those that follow this blog, will know that I was handed a few curve balls myself but everything I came up against just made me stronger.

I have A LOT of fond, happy memories of 2016 and I can hand on heart say, that 2016 was pretty great for me. I wanted to share with you some pictures which remind me of the great parts of 2016!

Mexico – Jan 2016. Hands Down One Of The Best Holidays We Have Had. The Sea Was a Gorgeous Blue, Filled With Happy Sea Turtles. The Hotel Was Superb And We Made Life Long Friends With Fellow Holiday Makers.
The Stevens Wedding – March 2016. Such A Lovely Day Seeing 2 Of Our Favourite People Commit The Rest Of Their Lives Together.
Centre Parcs – April 2016. Yes, Matt Had His Accident And It Was A Testing Time BUT Before That We Were Having The Best Time With My Cousins. I Love The Bond That We All Share, I Truly Feel So Lucky To Have Them.
Our Mini Break – June 2016. In A Bid To Get Away Whilst Matt Was Still Recovering, We Headed Down The Coast and Enjoyed A Few Days In Devon. Although I Was Stopping Matt Swearing This Is My Favourite Photo Of That Whole Weekend, We Were Genuinely Having A Really Lovely Time.
Girls Day Out – July 2016. A Very Green Trip To London, The Sky Garden, The Folly, St Dunstans Church & Spitalfields Market. It Was A Pleasure To Spend The Day With Hayley & Helen, Helen Even Announced Her Pregancy And Guess What It’s A Girl! So It Truly Was A Girls Day Out!
Birthday Shopping – August 2016. A Day With My Favourite Cousin At Westfields. It Was Fantastic & We Are Planning On Doing It All Again This Year! 

Scotland – September 2016. A Week With One Of My Best Friends And Her Gorgeous Boy! It Was Just What I Needed And I Loved Every Second Of It!
Ladies Night – September 2016. Turtle Bay With The Ladies Of The Family. These 2 Are Much More Than Family! Such A Great Night, Lots Of Cocktails And Yummy Food Was Consumed!
The River – Sept 2016. One Of My Favourite Experiences Of 2016. Washing Away My Fears In The River. Another Amazing Dimples & Daisies Shoot.
Firework Night – November 2016. Local Fireworks With Our Sister In Law & Nieces. It Was Brilliant To Share Our Yearly Tradition With The Girls.
The House – December 2016. Our First Home, After Just Over 7 Years We Brought Our First Home Together And It’s Perfect!

So as you can see, my 2016 holds some pretty awesome memories for me. So when you are claiming that 2016 was rubbish or it was the worst year on record remember that might be true for you but it isn’t necessarily true for the person you are speaking to. We all go through each year individually and you can make as great or as bad as you want it to be. If you choose to be guided by the media and politics and let that dictate the year you are going to have, then you will forever lead a bad life. If you decide to sit back and see where life’s journey takes you, you can end up on some really good adventures.

I hope you all have a fantastic 2017 and that when the clock strikes midnight turning into 2018, you can all say that there was something about 2017 you enjoyed.

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