A Different Side Of London

What springs to mind when you think of London? For me, its the street entertainers at Covent Garden, the hoards of shoppers on Oxford Street, the fountains at Trafalgar Square or maybe Big Ben, Westminster Abbey or the famous London Eye! I don’t think I have ever visited London without hitting one of the typical tourist hot spots, well that was until a lovely Sunday in July. Hayley & I travelled up on the train to Waterloo to meet up with Helen (we were both 2 of Hayley’s bridesmaids in March), for a girls day out.

Lovin’ Hayley’s Beauty Filter!

Waterloo Station had been taken over by the Ghostbusters following the release of the new movie and Hayley was adamant we weren’t going till we had got our shots!

Who You Gonna Call?!

Helen is the queen of planning so I knew we were in safe hands with her guiding us round London and she is bloody good at it too – although she will tell you its all thanks to Google Maps! She got us booked into a beautiful spot for brunch and walked us miles but I can hand on heart say I saw London in a way I never had done before! When we were all discussing what we wanted to do on our day together I straight away put The Sky Garden into the mix and both the girls agreed so that was a definite yes! I couldn’t contain my excitement – but more on that in a different post!

As we left Waterloo we were heading towards London Bridge, past Borough Market which I have heard lots about and got some lovely snaps of Tower Bridge! We did lots of catching up and shared some stories to keep all of us up to date with our goings on!

We were brunching at The Folly which is located about 2 minutes from the Sky Garden near Monument tube station. I had no idea why Monument is called that, so I was suprised when we walked past The Monument – another part of London’s history I had never seen!

Helen has an eye for a good food spot, when we met up in London a couple of years ago we ate in a resturant on The Strand and the foot was insane & The Folly didn’t disappoint either. Throughout our day, I must have said several times it didn’t feel like we were in London and I think its because we were pretty much constantly surrounded by greenery. The Folly had such a relaxed atmosphere and felt like we were on a terrace outside, when in fact we were inside with the typical hustle and bustle of London just outside. We all had the special to eat, which was french toast with bacon and maple glaze (but I didn’t taste much maple), to accompany I had a Iced Green Tea, which was lovely! 
After a re-fuel and more gossiping, we paid the bill and made the short walk to the sky garden and yes ladies & gents, it really is as lovely as you hear – keep an eye out in weeks to come where I will spill the beans in a separate blog post…..however you can feast your eyes on this warm up shoot in preparation for my 2nd Dimples & Daisies shoot in September! 
Yes, I Did This & Yes People Were Watching & No I Didn’t Care!

Our next stop was a church that Hayley had spied on Pinterest, that had been destroyed in the Great Fire of London and has since been restored into a wonder garden and little quiet paradise in busy central London. We spotted it from the top of the Sky Garden and still managed to walk past it (good old google maps haha)! However, when we did spot it, full 10/10 for Hayley as it was just beautiful and for me the noise of busy central London disappeared, it was like we were in a secret part of London that blocked out all the craziness.

It turns out I took over 50 photo’s at St Dunstan In The East, so above is just a small snap shot, if you would like to see more please get in touch as I would be happy to share them with you! 
We had all agreed that Spitalfields Market was the place we wanted to see as well, so we did a bit of a trek (we ended up doing around 6 miles in the end that day) across London to Spitalfields Market of course, I purchased something & for those of you who follow me on Instagram will have already seen my buy!

How lovely are these finds?! I could have probably got something from at least 10 stalls that we looked at, but with limited hands to carry my goods I just got my t-shirt which for £4 was a complete steal and made a vow to come back to get more goodies another day! We started our walk back to Waterloo, heading over Tower Bridge and stopping for a beverage and chat about our favourite reads! 

So that ends our girls trip to London! It was such a beautiful day and I can honestly say I don’t think I felt in London at any point in our trip, there was hardly and hustle and bustle and everything was so relaxed! It was lovely to spend the day with 2 lovely ladies who never fail to put a smile on my face and warm my heart! 
Orange, Yellow & The Bride!
I can’t wait for next time! 
Emma xxx


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