The Battle III

I am sorry this has taken a while to reach you all, I was hoping that this would be a really happy and positive post about my PCOS battle, but its been a bit tainted recently.

If we roll back to beginning of June, I visited my GP and she agreed that I could start taking Metformin to help my syptoms……after starting the gym and seeing the dietician again I was getting a bit concerned that my tablets weren’t working as they are meant to.

To cut a very long and ongoing story short, Boots had given me the incorrect medication! So after 5 weeks of taking a strong pain relief, I finally started taking Metformin last Wednesday.

I’m not going to lie, the first few days were full of nausea and feeling just generally under the weather, but as I write this I am feeling fine. I am still taking just 500mg a day, but will work up to 1000mg next week. I am not niave enough to think that just nausea is all I will suffer with especially as I up my dose BUT I know that as soon as my body is used to the medication that this will reduce.

I have to say, however, my appetite is very reduced, even in just this short time. I am struggling to finish meals and I have pretty much stopped snacking between meals too! I do wonder if this is because I have drastically upped my water intake as well?

However, one really positive thing that I have done in the past few months is get my booty back to the gym! I have been going now for about a month and I am LOVING it, I forgot how good it feels after you have worked out and how alive you feel. Yes, its hard but when you start seeing results, that is the best thing. I recently brought this top at a market, they did it just 1 size so I brought it thinking if it is a bit on the smaller side I can just wear it around the house. It is on the smaller side BUT I cant wait to start losing inches and it be loose!

Yeah, I Love Game Of Thrones!

Something & I am not sure what has registered with me recently, I’m not interested in being skinny or being a certain weight or dress size. I just want to be a healthier version of me to the point where my PCOS symptoms are reduced and at a position where I can maintain my weight & shape and live a healthy life.

I am still debating this GI Diet that I have been reading about, payday is this week and I plan on purchasing a recipe book so I cant start putting some meals together as just doing it without having recipes looks a bit confusing. As soon as I have had a play in the Kitchen (or should I say Matt has had a play in the Kitchen), I will share some of my favourites!Β 
So, although this time round I don’t have anything too big to share with you, I am hoping this fills in the gaps of where I am at! I am hoping come my birthday I will have started to see a bit of a reduction in my symptoms and results of being at the gym a bit more!


Emma xxx

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