100th Post!

Wow, I cannot believe this is my 100th post on BLOGGER!

It has been a weird journey transferring my blog over to this platform and if I am honest I am not sure I am really used to it and still miss my word press blog a smidgen BUT I am here and will be staying here until I invest in my own website or get bored of writing!

OK, anyway getting down to the nitty gritty…..my 100th post has mainly been written by a few of my lovely friends. I know they read this and they probably suspect something was going on, but I thought I would give all my readers an insight into how a few of my closest friends see me!

How and when did we meet?

We met at work in 2008 when you joined as the new girl ‘who wasn’t a temp’ a few months after I had started there myself (as a temp)! But we bonded after working Saturday shifts & after becoming Slimming World buddies!

My first memory of Hayley was when I first joined the company we work for and I was sat next to her and was so nervous! However, Hayley was great at settling me in and we had a lot of giggles during our Saturday shifts!
If we could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?
I would love to see us do a Thelma & Louise style road trip along Route 66. We both love America & want to see more, we have great car trip chats and I can hear us giggling already about the crazy characters we’d meet along the journey.
This trip would be hilarious! We would have such a scream and I love that Hayley has picked the states as I know she would love visiting all the smaller country towns as well as the big cities!
What favorite memory do you share of us?
These are tough, how do you pick just one?! I think I’d have to say & this is going to sound weird but our coffee & cake catch up at the garden centre. Because it’s the first time I saw you cry & only because it’s the first moment I can remember in our friendship, where you let me return the favor to be able to give you some advice & be a supportive friend to you for a change.
I remember this day and Hayley is right I normally don’t have a breakdown and cry, but I think it just happened that we were meeting up and it all came flooding out…..I will say she has seen me cry more since then – mainly at her wedding! haha!
What is your favourite photo of us?
Don’t as a photographer to choose that’s sacrilege! Plus as you know I will have loads on my PC!! Okay, if I really have to choose… It has to be the pic of us at mine & Lee’s engagement do. For me this is the first pic where other people realised how close our friendship has become.
I love this photo, we were both a bit tipsy, but both so happy and rightly so on their special night!
September 2012

How and when did we meet?
When I was born 25 years ago

It’s mad to think that we have been in each others lives for 25 years now, almost 26! I can’t remember you or your twin brother as babies, I think my earliest recollection of you was when you must have been around 2 or 3!

If we could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?
To the sun to chillax, then shopping! Doesn’t matter where it is!

I can’t believe in all the years we have been family we have never been on holiday together! We HAVE to schedule this in!

What favorite memory do you share of us?
Going to Centre Parcs when I was about 10 and you making sure I didn’t drown in the rapids!

I have great fond memories of this trip AND I made sure you didn’t drown again, all those years later earlier in April when we went back as grown ups! However, I think my favourite memory has to be your wedding and when you asked me to be your bridesmaid, seeing you walk down the stairs in your dress took my breath away and made me realise that we have grown from just family into friends.

What is your favourite photo of us?
The picture of Me, You, Nanny & Grandads at Aunty’s one Christmas!

This is such a cute photo of us & I think one of the only ones I have seen of the 2 of us when we were little!

Christmas ’91?

How and when did we meet?

At college doing Media courses, I think we met on the 3rd floor of the college tower and then got the train together.

I can’t believe this was 12 years ago in September! Its crazy to think that I have known Steph for almost half my life!

If we could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?
America, more specifically Chicago or Miami both would have good shopping and I think there good girly places.

So fitting for Steph to pick America, it somewhere we both love and hold dear in our hearts. We definitely need to get back over there for a girly trip!

What favorite memory do you share of us?
Oh god there’s sooo many!! My first one that pops into my head is Fuerteventura and the laughs on the sofa with the German guy sneezing.

I knew she was going to pick this one & funnily enough it is always the first thing that comes into my head AND I can still laugh about now to the point of almost crying! Steph had to walk away from me to calm herself down.

What is your favourite photo of us?
Umm… The one in Morocco where I’m laughing in the bed.
I love this one too….I have no idea what was going on, but it sums up our friendship! 

September 2008

How and when did we meet?
It would have to be 5 years ago cos Ernie is 4 now and I was working with you for 3 months and then got pregnant. I remember sitting with you while I was waiting to get interviewed with our boss & chatting to you.

I cannot believe it has been 5 years! I was so surprised when Vicky announced she was pregnant and I can remember she was sure I had cottoned on with how much she was suffering with morning sickness!
If we could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?
I’m going to say Caribbean somewhere (probably Cuba!) so we can sit on the beach and drink cocktails.

YES! It was Vicky who talked me into looking at going to Cuba and that was one of the best holidays Matt & I have ever had, so to go back to that country with her would be lovely!

What favorite memory do you share of us?

I loved our adventure day through the hills and to Inveraray!! That was also our cheese, cocktail & undateables night 

This was such a lovely day and we had sooo many giggles in the evening with cheese, cocktails and movies!
What is your favourite photo of us?
When I asked Vicky this question, I had either one or 2 photo’s in mind and this was one of them!

September 2015


How and when did we meet? 
Going to senior school and getting the bus every morning.

God, the start of that would have been too many years ago to count! Its crazy, but we had such a good time! My school memories are some of the best I had.

If we could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why? 
Anywhere hot where we can drink cocktails, eat loads and completely relax. A nice hot island somewhere 

Since we have got back in touch after almost 10 years apart, we have done a lot of eating and drinking and for it to be on a nice hot island somewhere would be even better haha!

What favorite memory do you share of us? 
Too many: All the sleep overs with oj and haribo and scary films, our blue concert obviously! Sitting on the corner of miller drive gossiping!

I have no idea how we always ended up watching horror films, I really don’t like them now but they never seemed scary then! Our Blue concert was fab, we bunked off school for the day and Jemma’s parents took us to Manchester it was brilliant! I have lots of fond memories of my teenage years due to Jemma. 
What is your favourite photo of us?
It’s going to be the one of me and you at the wedding!

I honestly never thought I would see the day you got married after we lost touch! It was such an honor to be there to celebrate your marriage and I am so glad we got in touch after so long!

August 2015

Well there you have it, just a little insight to my beautiful friendships! All founded at different stages of my life but all of these ladies and the ones I didn’t ask are all just as important to me. Each one of you has made an impact on my life in one way or another and I am so grateful for you friendship.
Thank you for being my unbiological sister quotes quote friendship quotes friend quotes sister quotes:
Emma xxx

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