Lets Be Friends

I am not a social media butterfly by any stretch, but I do love a bit of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and would love to get to know you all better!


Just hit the like button to be the first to read all my blog posts! I love to interact with my readers on Facebook and its so nice that you all often get involved with my posts! I would love for our Facebook page to rack up 100 likes! So just push that like button!


I have recently found a new love for twitter, it is definitely a good place to interact with fellow bloggers and read some really inspiring posts! Of course its a given that you will follow some celebs and watch the odd twitter feud or jump on the top trending # of the day! Follow me on Twitter and share your blog link – I love to read them all!


My favourite place to share photos of what I spend my spare time getting up to, I think this is probably the best platform to really get to know me! My photo’s range from quotes, manicures, family, friends and my gorgeous fat cat Chuck! Plus the filters make me look good hahahaha! Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my weekly antics!

I use the same profile picture on all of my social media, so it is easy for you to recognize you are following the right Emma! I can’t wait to meet all my new followers and see what you guys get up to!


Emma xxx

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