A Sweet Monday Freebie!

Who loves treating family & friends and getting a little bit of money off too?? GOOD I am glad its not just me!

You might think it makes me sound a bit cheap, but whenever I shop online (which isn’t very often) I ALWAYS have a search for a discount code first to see how much I can save! I recently stumbled across Boomf when I was hunting the web for a personalised mothers day gift for mummy dearest and managed to get 20% off AND I have just done the same for my dad (he loved mum’s gift!).

Mum’s Personalized Mothers Day Gift

Dad’s Personalized Fathers Day Gift

It is soo simple to create this gorgeous personalised marshmallows, you can upload your own photo’s and mix and match with pre-designed clipart or just use either on their own. They now even do mallow pops which are just the cutest idea and I love this as an alternative to cake pops – they are definitely less messy! I could order things from Boomf all day long, whats even better is that delivery is normally 1-3 working days, it comes straight through the letter box, so no need to worry about having to sign for a parcel or anything!

For a box of 9 Marshmallows is £15 (incl. postage), which is perfect for a little sweet treat for a friend or family member, the mallow pops are £20 (incl. postage) for 9.

As I love all my readers sooo much, I have got a code which allows you all 20% your next order! All you need to do is follow the below link enter your email address and start shopping!

Your 20% Off Code!

I cant wait to see all your creations that you have made!


Emma xxx


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