The Battle II

Exercise and Emma aren’t 2 things you would expect to hear in the same sentence but as you know I needed to start doing something as well as dieting.

Well I don’t normally do things by half so the other Saturday with an all or nothing approach I completed in my local Park Run…..its 5K! My thoughts were to walk it with a bit of jogging… cousins thought was to jog it with a bit of walking.


Picture Courtesy Of Friendlyphotography

I’m not going to lie IT HURT. That day, the day after and the day after that BUT the satisfaction I got from doing it even if it took me forever and I was last, I still did it and I took it as
Me 1 PCOS 0! 
Trina (my cousin) was amazing, she stuck by my side the whole way and kept encouraging me to keep going and moving along! So when she said she would come over Wednesday for a run round the block I could hardly say no!
Wednesday was a bit overcast and I 100% felt like saying I didn’t fancy it, but I knew she would still make me go. So I put on my shorts and a t-shirt and me, Trina & Lauren  (cousin in law) set off, I was surprised at how good I felt initially and when I felt like stopping they both pushed me to one more lamp post or one more drive way and I only stopped 2 times in 1.5 miles! I’m not going to lie, I did start to feel my limit when I was almost home BUT they pushed me through it and I did it in 21 minutes!

Me 2 – PCOS 0

Today, compared to last Thursday when I had my mini meltdown I feel so much more positive and feel like I am slowly starting to win this battle.

I am STILL calorie counting Mon-Fri, I still can’t get my head into GI diet, but I will get there. I haven’t weighed myself recently and I know I’m not drinking enough. I am going to invest in a swanky water bottle from Hydrate M8 on payday to encourage my water intake.

Overall the exercise is going well, I’m enjoying it even though it’s tough. But having those encouraging you who love you make it seem a lot easier!

Emma xx

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