Brush Egg Review


This is a really unusual post for me as its related to beauty and a review/tutorial which is way out of my comfort zone! However, when I saw on my twitter feed about a brush egg, I thought it would be a perfect tool for me to clean my make-up brushes, now I am not a big make up person and will usually just wear the basics so I have never been too bothered about looking after my brushes. My parents brought me Real Technique brushes for christmas (last year) and I figured I needed to look after them, so I brought a Brush Egg on Amazon for 99p (BARGAIN) and thought I would show you all how I got on!

So, I got all my brushes together along with my favourite towel some baby shampoo and got myself set up at the sink in the kitchen.

I ran the tap so it was lukewarm and set to work! First off make sure you have some soap on your brush egg tool, then place either your 2 forefingers or your thumb into the egg, dampen the brush and start to swirl the brush in circular motions.

Be sure to rinse your brush off and get all the soap out of your brush, always hold the brush downwards so that the water doesn’t seep into your brush and undo all the glue! 
Seeing the colour disappear out of all my brushes, I cant believe I left it so long to do this! The great thing is the egg is suitable for all brush sizes which makes this a quick 5 minute job for someone like me who as minimal make up tools. The brush I was most impressed with was my foundation brush, it was packed with make up, but the end result was fab….

I was so impressed, it looks as good as new – I almost don’t want to make it dirty again. I carried on with the remainder of my brushes and the amount of make up that came out of them was unreal!

I have left them on my windowsill to dry out before I use them again, but I am so impressed with my Brush Egg and will definitely be making sure I regularly keep my brushes clean! So why not pick your self up a Brush Egg for yourself to make this little task a bit easier! 
Emma xx


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