Its that time of year where you start to have friends over for alfresco dining and maybe a drink or 2 or 3. We love to have people over but where we still live with our parents it can be a bit tough so usually only have friends over when we are house sitting for them or if we are house sitting for friends and family.

We love nothing more than to enjoy a few drinks and good food with our friends and when the girls are round it normally means COCKTAILS! I have a board on Pinterest which is called Birthday Party Idea’s….I should really re-name it Cocktail Board as that is all that’s on there and my Birthday’s usually end up in Cocktails and Cupcakes haha! So I raided my board and thought why not share with you all the 5 cocktails that I will be making this summer!

1. Mermaid Water!

My Cousin tagged me in this post on Facebook the other week, it sounds lovely and I definitely what to make this at least once during the summer! However, I am never sure what Blue Curacao is or where to get it from! 
Note To Self – Must Serve In Mason Jar!

2. Coconut Watermelon Margarita

This sounds soo yummy and refreshing, I think it was the Pink in the jar that dragged my eye before I even saw it contained Coconut, another thing to fill my obsession! I checked out the recipe online and it looks so easy to do, there would have to be some changes with the coconut bacardi rum and frozen margarita mix as I am not sure we can get that in the UK but its definitely one I want to try!

3. Pina Colada Sangria

When I stumbled across this recipe I instantly knew I had to give it a go. I love to have a glass of wine and my cocktail of choice is always a Pina Colada… why have I never thought to combine the 2?! Wine & Glue has put together a fantastic blog post with a simple guide to create this lovely drink, I cant wait to try it!

Photography Credit Wine & Glue

4. Vodka Raspberry Lemonade
This is a great deviation from a drink I spend many evenings in Mexico drinking in January! I discovered Raspberry Absolut Vodka and when mixed with Sprite it was amazing & I think the recipe that Pretty Plain Janes has shared will be just as good! 
Photography Credit Pretty Plain Janes

5. Frozen Kahlua White Russian

I have seen many beautiful photo’s on pinterest about this cocktail and it has always been something I would like to try as I can imagine it is very similar to a Espresso Martini which is very yummy! However, despite how many pins I have browsed through, I liked this recipe by Cooking In Stilettos the most. The fact it combines ice cream and alcohol you cant say no!
Photography Credit Cooking In Stilletos

Well I hope I have given you all some inspiration for your next party or maybe your next cocktail night with the girls!

Why not share your favourite cocktail with me below?
Emma xx


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