So as you I know I do have PCOS, for those of you who don’t know what PCOS is, I will give you a rough idea……

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition to women that suffer with not only cysts on their ovaries but also a whole vast of other symptoms such as; irregular periods, irregular or no ovulation at all causing reduced fertility, oily skin and/or acne, excess body hair, thinning of hair, mood changes, depression, anxiety and finally weight issues. 

There are 2 main factors that can cause PCOS, those are hormone inbalances and insulin. Women with PCOS frequently will produce 3 times more testosterone than your standard female, which causes many of the symptoms that are related to PCOS. However, I believe insulin is just as important factor, many women with PCOS are found to have insulin resistance. Insulin is created by the Pancreas to regulate the level of glucose in your blood, however if you suffer with insulin resistance it means the body is resistant to the effects that insulin has on our body which then causes your body to produce more. Although these 2 hormone inbalances are found frequently in women with PCOS the medical profession are yet to find what the cause of the inbalances are.

For any young women or older women that are reading this and are thinking that you can relate to the symptoms I have mentioned, go and see your GP. Tell them you have read about PCOS and feel that you match with some or all of the symptoms and would like to be tested. That is what happened with me, when I was about 17 my mum and I were watching a medical programme and PCOS was discussed, we googled and I felt that I matched the symptoms. I visited my GP and had an ultrasound scan and blood work taken and it was confirmed. I have PCOS.

It has taken me almost 11 years to finally actually decide that I want to do something about it.

You can never cure PCOS but you can get your symptoms under control through healthy eating and exercising.

So I visited my GP as I mentioned in a previous post to discuss my PCOS, it was confirmed that I am not at risk of diabetes and that my PCOS is still there and that I need to look at my diet and lifestyle to improve my symptoms that bother me – which is mainly my excess hair, weight issues, lack of periods and possibility of reduced fertility doesn’t bother me too much, but excess hair does. Unbeknown to myself my GP referred me to a dietitian, I have made my appointment and am waiting for that, but whilst I was waiting I wanted to do some research for myself. I have gathered some info about supplements to take and suggested diets for women with PCOS and created some questions so I am fully prepared.

However, the one thing I noticed more than anything is that among all of the websites, Instagram feeds, tweets and blogs the main bulk of information available online is from fellow PCOS suffers or medical professions in USA. The 1 websites I have found in the UK related to PCOS is Verity a UK based charity, I admit I have used Verity when I was first diagnosed to help me try to understand it a bit better, but haven’t used it since.

However, given that PCOS effects around 1 in 5 women in the UK and there is no online support in our country I am really saddened and disappointed. 

I have sat here thinking, what can I do to turn this around?? There are so many amazing women and websites online for support and motivation, but they are all based abroad. Whilst that doesn’t really matter, I would love to come across someone here that spreads a positive message and supports other women who are suffering.

Then I wonder……Could That Be Me??

I don’t know if that is me nor if people would want to follow my journey. I don’t think I am the most motivating person and I am still trying to figure out what my journey is with PCOS, however, I can promis that I will post my updates on my PCOS journey so for you ladies in the UK have someone here to follow to!

In the mean I have a couple of websites that I want to share with you that I think you will really benefit from if you are fellow PCOS suffer like myself.

  • PCOS Diet Support – whilst I dont follow the diet recommended by Tarryn, I do read her posts and find them really interesting and full of useful detail.
  • Shelby – I am so grateful I stumbled across Shelby on Instagram earlier this year, she has such a positive outlook and her posts often will make me laugh out loud!

I am unsure how to round this post off, nor whether this post has much substance. However, I feel that in my own little way I am going do be doing something, even if it only reaches 1 person and has an impact on how they feel, I genuinely hope this helps.

I have a meeting with my dietitian on Wednesday, so I will update soon after!


Emma xxx

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