Summer Bucket List

Good Morning!

I am currently sat writing this laid on a blanket in the gorgeous south coast sunshine squinting at the screen as I can barely see what I am typing! The weather this weekend has be beautiful (sorry if it hasnt been where you are!) and I invested in 2 new pairs of shorts, had 2 BBQ’s & got my legs out in the hope that they may get some colour back on them as my Mexico tan as fully faded now!

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It has however made my mind turn to what I want to do in the Summer, which for us Brits starts as soon as the sun is out and ends normally when the kids go back to school in September after their 6 week break. As someone who loves a list, I have created a Summer Bucket List for 2016! There are things on there that I always do and others that I always want to do but never get round to it!

I can’t wait to start getting stuck into the summer activites this year and I will promise to blog, instagram, tweet & snapchat as much of it as I can and remember to! Just make sure you follow me and search for #learningtoflysummer16 so you can keep up with everything, why not use that hashtag too to show me what you are upto??


Emma xxxx


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