Food For PCOS


As I posted a little while ago I visited my GP with regards to insulin resistance etc for my PCOS, so they did tests and as expected they come back with my hormone levels higher than expected (but I wasn’t told what they should be – my failing!) and that I need to increase my exercise and work more on my diet!

Last week, I got a letter in the post from an NHS Dietitian asking me to arrange an appointment, my GP & I didn’t discuss a referral to a dietitian so I was surprised when it came through but I didn’t hesitate and I have booked an appointment for a couple of weeks time. I am currently calorie counting and its going OK, I could be stricter with myself but I am still doing it and haven’t lost interest which is good going for me.

However, I really need some help from my fellow cysters, of course the dietitian is going to ask about my diet etc, but what should I be asking them? I would love to know what sort of supplements I should be taking to help with my PCOS symptoms & what food I should be avoiding. Have you visited a Dietitian and if so what did you get from it? What questions did you ask?

When looking up suitable diets for PCOS online they often say limit dairy and carbs, funnily enough too much dairy has started to make me feel ill and I always find if I start to cut carbs (white bread, pasta rice etc) my weight goes down dramatically. So I will continue with that bit of advice, however it would be nice if there was something that could reduce excess hair growth, but I know a lower weight will reduce my hormone levels which in turn will reduce my excess hair growth.

One thing I haven’t done is pick up my exercise……I was all set to join the local gym before Matt had his accident, but I have kinda lost my drive to do it, plus its expensive especially if I am not 100% sold on the idea! As I write this, I am considering going for a run (I joke, it will be a slow job/fast walk) after work tomorrow…..I need to do something!

Well anyway, I am signing off now. I will keep you updated on my PCOS journey after I have seen the dietitian!

Much Love


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