A Treat A Month

Hello All!

It has taken me a while to get this post to you, but whilst saving hard for a mortgage I am limited to the treats that I am getting myself and have wondered about a subscription box so I get a mystery treat once a month.

There are HUNDREDS of subscription boxes that you can get, before I have had a glossybox, but I am not a big make up fan and found that I didnt really use the products that often or really need them so I was wasting my money! However, after a bit of research there are 3 boxes that have caught my eye recently that I am really intreguied about. I wanted to share these with you & see what you think, maybe you have used these boxes before and have loved or maybe hated them! Let me know!

TreatBox By Not Shabby Very Chic

I first came across Not Shabby Very Chic on Instagram and instantly loved all their quirky bits and often thought some of their products would lovely in my dream home (don’t laugh we all have one!). So when I found out they do a monthly subscription service where you can get anything from stationary to home where all through your letter box, I thought this could be the right one for me! Their service starts at £12.95 a month or you can prepay for 3 months for £36 or 6 for £70. I am considering signing up for a monthly service and see how I get on and if I like the products, however, looking at past months I dont think I would be disappointed!

April’s Box! Photography Credit Not Shabby Very Chic

Nailbox By Nailbox

This one kinda does what it says on the label! Its a monthly subscription service which sends you 3 or 4 nail polishes & either 1 or 2 two tools/treatments for just £13.50 a month. Which when you look at the polishes that are included you are getting a COMPLETE bargain! I have to say this is the most tempting subscription service as I love painting my nails and would love to be able to get up to 4 polishes a month is just amazing, however I do wonder if I get bored and what if I don’t like the colours? I do think this is probably the most suited one for me though!
July 2015’s Box! Photography Credit Nailbox.co.uk
Sweet Sub

I found Sweet Sub on Instagram (are you suprised?!) its a monthly subscription box of SWEETS, could this be any more perfect?! To make life even better, if you sign up to their newsletter you get 20% off your first box! There are 3 options on offer £2.49 weekly box, £3.99 weekly calorie counter or a £5.99 monthly box. As I am calorie counting at the moment the £3.99 box seems the right choice for me but it works out at almost £16 a month and I can’t help but wonder that I could buy my own sweets from a supermarket and count them out myself for cheaper haha! Despite that, how nice would it be to get a weekly treat of sweets all calorie counted ready for me to stuff my face with!

Taster Of Sweet Sub! Photography Credit Sweet Sub

So there you have it 3 boxes, all completely different and all different in price! I would love to sign up for a box, but which one to choose – what would you go for??

Love Emma xxx


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