Stevens With A V!!

Friday 25th March marked a special day in our lovely friends lives as that is the day they became man & wife! Whilst we were all getting ready in the morning Hayley was showered with gifts from Lee at various stages as well as our make up and hair specialists worked their magic on all of us!

I was sooo emotional on the day, I was crying from about 6am in the morning, over everything and nothing – god I could cry now just thinking of what an amazing day! Matt scrubbed up well for the day BUT did get insanely drunk and missed out on some photo’s and we didn’t get too many on the day!

However, I would like to share some with you……

Lee Waiting Anxiously For His Bride To Be

Me Leading The Bridal Party Down The Aisle

The Bridesmaids….There Are 2 You Cant See

The Happy Couple

Signing Of The Register

Hayley Could Totally Be Princess Leia

Love This!

Matt Enjoying The Magician


Helen & I….The First Of Many Photos!

Hayley’s Gorgeous Ribbon Bouquet

Mr & Mrs Stevens

Perfect Card Table

And An Amazing Suitcase

Look At The Gorgeous Cake Toppers

Beautiful Alternative To Cupcakes!

John’s Speech Had Me In Tears

So Did Lee’s!

Especially when he surprised Rachael & I

With A Pandora Charm!

It was such a lovely day to see them both surrounded by not only the people they love so dearly but the people who love them just as much! The evening reception was fantastic, it was great to see everyone dancing and enjoying the photo booth! I know myself and a few others definitely enjoyed it!

But above all, despite how much fun and partying we had nothing made me feel better than seeing 2 people that both myself and Matt love so dearly declaring their love for one and other and committing their future to each other. I was so overwhelmed with emotion and love for them both and hope that IF Matt & I get married we will be just as happy as they are!
I cannot believe that is it, my bridesmaid duties are over……what is next to look forward to?!
Emma xxx


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