America Is Calling……..

I had such a lovely Saturday afternoon last week with my Bestie! It was so overdue and we had such a giggle as well as a proper catch up, there is nothing like putting the world to rights with your best mate. Sometimes you just a few hours to let it out to someone who you know isn’t going to judge you and no matter what you stay will still love and support you unconditionally. Don’t get me wrong, your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/husband/wife/lover may provide you with the same, but its not quite the same as your best mate is it??

We both said to each other that we feel like we need a bit of a break, we both have really busy work schedules, not to mention avid bloggers/vloggers as well as having a social life! Sometimes you just need a break from the daily life of being an adult, because it isn’t what you thought it would be when your a teenager wishing you could be an adult. You never realise that it means working hard, saving hard, spending money on things you don’t want to, its not all a big bunch of fun! Its been such a long time since the 2 of us last went away together, in fact I think the last time the pair of us went away over night as just us girls was Morocco in 2008! Jeeez, that is 8 years ago, dont get me wrong we have had a lot of fun in those 8 years, but sometimes you just want to get away.
March 2008! Canary Islands

So we decided a trip was on the cards, how when we are trying to save for mortgages and a wedding (hers not mine!) who knows, but we wanted to do it. Neither of us were too bothered about Europe, so of course as we always do, we set our sights high and decided Chicago may be the next place for us. Now if you don’t know either of us then you have no idea how organised we both can be or the fact that as soon as we come back from 1 holiday we are instantly looking for another. I think it helps us get over the holiday blues!

April 2015! Grand Canyon!

We were both disappointed when just a long weekend in Chicago was coming back at around £850 without spending money, that was so far out of our budget, so when I tweeted Steph the next day and suggested we look for the UK, giving up our hopes of getting some goodies from Target we joked about setting up a Go Fund Me page – well if Kanye West’s Go Fund Me Page can raise $7,000 in under a month we will be headed off to Chicago no problem! Obviously, we wont do that…..would we?!

It would be so lovely to have some girly time away from the normality that is life, do some shopping, sight seeing and of course there would be lots and lots of laughing and eating! It’s totally normal to just want to have a break every so often, so many people are so busy working they forget to live a life as well. I do work hard and I like to make sure I treat myself as well, currently I am not really having the chance to do it as I am saving hard too. Don’t get me wrong I am saving for something really special, our first house, but I wish someone would call me one day and say that I have a secret stash of money somewhere that I forgot all about and in fact it covers my half of the deposit and legal fees! That way I wouldn’t need to save any more haha, whilst writing this, my terracotta money pot has just caught my eye, its probably not even half full, but rumor has it that it holds £1,000 when full of £2 coins, so maybe that could fund my trip? At this stage the temptation to crack it open is so overwhelming, but I am going to leave it be! 
I am a 100% believer in the above quote, I have never been a credit card owner and have only ever had my cars on finance. It would be so easy for both myself and Steph to book a holiday and chuck it on the credit card. However, I don’t think I could actually enjoy myself whilst I was away, knowing that I would still be paying for it when I came back, there is something about buying something or going somewhere knowing that you have done it yourself and you don’t owe anyone or need to pay anything back. Its satisfaction, that’s what it is! 
I have just realised that this post doesn’t really have much of a meaning to it, I can’t end this post saying we have booked something or that we have a plan in place for what we are going to do. All I know is that we are 2 very strong willed young women and we will do something, we are not ones to give up on something just because its hard work. If we did we wouldn’t be in the positions that we are in today. We aren’t of the generation where we believe that we are owed anything, we have both been brought up to know to value what we have got and work hard to get it.
Do you have any idea’s on how we can get to America on a budget? Maybe we are setting our sights too high with a big city? Where is your favourite place to visit? 
Emma xx


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