Month Off March


Some of you may have seen the Cancer Research media about Month Off March recently; I have noticed their one for Month off Sugar, which really interested me. I looked into what they suggested to go Sugar Free and I just don’t think I am ready to commit to that, but I wanted to get involved in a bid to kick start my weight loss!

So I have decided to do a Month off Cakes, Sweets & Chocolate as these are the things that really really really are my weakness! So as of 1st March I will be saying NO to the following things:

All types of Cake (yes, even Carrot Cake my ultimate favourite!)

All types of Sweets

Chocolate (including Nutella & Chocolate flavoured cereal bars)

I have looked at my diary for March and there is Easter (I have a special Easter Egg post coming up soon!), a couple of meals out and of course our really good friend’s wedding! I know that at some point during the day, I will have to say no to all of the above BUT that’s ok as it won’t spoil my day, I can’t wait to be Bridesmaid and share the day with the bride and groom!

I am going to have to find something else to put in my porridge as I love adding Nutella, perhaps a small teaspoon of Jam or some sweetener will do the trick? I am hoping it will stop me nibbling in the evenings too, but if I fancy something perhaps a rice cracker or a piece of fruit will fill my sweet tooth. What would your choice of snack be?

I am going into March weighing 13st 6lb, yes, I still haven’t lost my holiday weight. I am hoping by the end of March to have lost 7lb (just over 3kg), I have 4 weigh in’s during March, so it’s almost 2lb a week. THAT IS SCARY, I haven’t done that in a long time (at the point of writing this I added Crisps to my list, and then took it off again haha!). I am going to need to be really dedicated to this and look at it as ‘starting as I mean to go on’, I had some blood work done on Wednesday relating to my PCOS to check out my blood sugar levels amongst various other things and I am nervous about the results. With PCOS there is the heightened risk of Type 2 Diabetes & Insulin Resistance so having a sweet tooth probably isn’t the best thing for me & neither is carrying around the excess weight that I am. Perhaps my mind is kick starting me into this month off in preparation of what’s to come?

Now most of this Month Off March is to help me and aide me into kick starting my weight loss with Slimming World, but wouldn’t it be nice to raise some money too? I know there are a lot of people out there that are asking for sponsorship for lots of different things that they are all doing to raise money, but I would love it if you could donate the cost of your next chocolate bar, cream cake or packet of sweets to Cancer Research using my just giving page. I am only hoping to raise £50, so not much, but that £50 is used in the following ways: (facts and figures from Cancer Research UK)

* £10 could buy 300 glass slides for studying cells and tumour samples in detail under the microscope.
* £30 could buy around 250 plastic Petri dishes. They’re an essential resource for thousands of scientists who are working hard to understand cancer.
* £54 could buy 22 thermometers (range -10°C to 110°C) – indispensable for many experiments that need to be performed at very precise temperatures.

Wouldn’t it be great if all of you reading this could do something so little, just to help us do more research into Cancer and help to find a cure. I think its staggering that the survival rates has doubled in the UK over the last 40 years and that is all down to the successful research that this charity do. I know of people in my family that are living or have lived with the effects that Cancer causes, as I believe most families are.

So whilst I am just 1 person doing something so little, any donation you can give will help not only my future family, but yours too!

Thank You!


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