Mani Monday

Hello All!

I am in the midst of a nail dilemma…..trying nail tape again and KEEP failing, I am so annoyed! BUT I will try again, so everything I had planned to share with you today has gone out the window……but worry not! Rather than showing you my awful attempt, I am going to share with you what I am dying to get my hands on!

Its ORLY’s new collection called Melrose, described by ORLY as 

Take a stroll down the famous and funky indie shopping mecca that stretches from Silver Lake to Santa Monica. Here you’ll find designer couture, funky indie shops, restaurants and one of L.A.’s most popular flower shops.’ 

The colours are gorgeous and perfect for spring, my favourite out of 6 polishes is Beautifully Bizarre, its a beautiful pink/pearl colour with a touch of shimmer, I think it would be great for toes or fingers! 

You can pick these 0.6oz polishes for $8.50 direct from the ORLY website, or the whole collection for $42.50!

I can’t find these anywhere in the UK at the moment, but the minute I do, I will be getting my mitts on these, so any UK readers out there that have seen these let me know please!

Happy Monday

Emma xxx

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