Beautiful Green!

First thing I said to Matt as we flew through the clouds preparing to land in Cancun was ‘I can’t believe how green it is! Its like a jungle down there!’ which is crazy as there are jungles in Mexico…..but I didn’t know that! Yes, because I am that blonde!

When we were sat in Gatwick Airport waiting to be called to board our flight and Matt was showing me pictures and I recalled something on Pinterest that I had pinned about an Ecological Theme Park and said to Matt that if we are close by that is definitely something I want to do, so when we passed all the signs on the transfer to our hotel, I couldn’t wait for the welcome meeting the following morning! We booked to go to Xcaret (for me!) and Xplor (for Matt!) on our 2nd week, to give us time to relax before doing some active trips! I was so excited to go to Xcaret but was just as nervous to be going to Xplor, but we had a great time at both and I just wanted to share my experiences with you!


We had plus tickets, which meant that all equipment that we needed (life jackets, fins, snorkels, bags & lockers) which is great because rental adds up really quickly! When we got on the minibus to take us to the park we were handed a map which also had added extra experiences that you can do whilst you are there, straightaway Matt & I decided we were going to do the sea trek then changed our mind and decided to the stingray sea trek as its something we would never get the chance to do, Matt then piped up that he wanted to do the adrenaline boat too which I thought sounded a bit out of my comfort zone but agreed to do it as I thought it would just go fast and we would get a bit wet!

Once we had booked in our times for our added extras and I wasted no time telling Matt that we had to do the lazy river before anything else and that I had to see the Flamingos! It took us about 45 minutes to go through the lazy river and it was lovely to just flow along through the caves and see bits of the park. We decided to kill some time after that and take a stroll round the park before seeing the stingrays!

Looking back I wish we had signed up for the photo package, where they have camera’s around the park and you can get all of them for a fixed price, but we just didnt have the money. If we had we would have got some cracking pictures from our stingray adventure, but this video showing you about our experience will just have to do!

We were in the water a lot longer than we anticipated, but it was well worth the time in there, the rays are such beautiful creatures. They are beautifully soft on their underside, but feel just like coarse sand on the top of their body, the glide through the water so gracefully it was lovely to spend the time in the water with them!

We headed over to the other side of the park, stopping for nachos and cheese on the way, to get on the Adrenaline Boat, it was right next to the Dolphins and we were a bit early, so took some time to watch them. I was a bit sad as they looked to be in really small enclosures, but they seemed well looked after which is great! However, my attention was taken else where when I saw a group of people coming off the boat drenched and Matt said – look how much water is in that boat! My heart sank and I knew it wasn’t just going to be a fast boat ride with a few turns……

We donned our life jackets and headed into the boat, we were the only English speaking people on the boat too but both our ‘captains’ were great and made sure we fully understood everything. However, no matter how much they told us what would happen nothing could prepare me for the amount of water I would get covered in and much I was glad I did something so out of my comfort zone and actually ended up enjoying it…..check it out on this video!


Xplor was a day to satisfy Matt’s thrill seeking side to his personality and we certainly did that! It was sold to me that it would be a bit like Go Ape, so plenty of zip wires to go through but there was also rafts, more lazy rivers and amphibious vehicles! As we didnt have a waterproof camera, we decided that we would get a photo pass so that we can pictures along the way and it was so worth it! 

As you can see we got wet, we decided we were going to do a zip wire first but we were already in the queue to go when we saw a sigh saying that you get COMPLETELY wet on both routes. So we thought, sod it we will just get wet and we surely did! 

Once we were soaked through, we decided in a bid to dry off a bit more we would do the amphibious vehicles, we did 2 trips on these and they were great fun, there was much water though, but we went through caves and over some rickety bridges!

Matt had heard about some zip wire hammocks that he wanted to try & I am glad we did as there was no queue and we had loads of goes & I think that was my favourite part of the park! 

For those of you that don’t know Matt, he is an avid Kayaker and will often go out in the summer at our local beach for hours with his friends so when he said we should have a go on the rafts, I knew he would love it! I on the other hand, hate going in the Kayak so knew I made the right choice when we got seperate rafts rather than a joint one, however, I did not take into account my lack of co-ordination, so its safe to say I didnt not enjoy the rafts especially when mine kept going side ways!

Over all we had a great 2 times in Xplor and Xcaret and would highly recommend either of them to anyone that was thinking about booking when they are on holiday in Mexico! 

I hope you all enjoyed reading! 


Emma xxx

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