As you all know Matt & I went on holiday in January, Matt had told me that we were going to tenerife, but as I mentioned in an earlier blog I didn’t quite believe him. I honestly thought we were going to Cuba again, but if you have been following my Instagram you will know that we ended up in the beautiful country of Mexico!

I didn’t find out until we got to the airport and the lovely lady at the Thomas Cook check in desk asked Matt where we were headed and he simply replied with a smile on his face ‘Mexico’. I was shocked and surprised and happy all at the same time and think I said something along the lines of ‘Oh my god?! Really?!’ shortly followed by about several thousand kisses! We had breakfast and after some shopping in duty free, Matt showed me where we were staying and his printed off bit of paper of the trips we could do, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to board the plane! We had booked premium seats and even though we didn’t get much special treatment at the airports the spacious seats, unlimited food, drink & movies was worth it.

Now, I am not going to bore you all with every single second of our holiday as I know its not fascinating for everyone, but in this blog post, I am going to tell you about where we stayed & about a couple of the trips we did. I have saved for a future post about the theme parks you can visit that are near Playa Del Carmen!

Where Did We Stay?

We were about 40 mins away from Playa Del Carmen, in a little town called Akumal. The hotel we stayed in is called Akumal Bay, it is a smaller resort than some with just over 300 rooms which means that you get to know (should you wish to) the staff and other holiday makers really well and we often find that this makes your holiday great fun! We were in the 3rd block on the 2nd floor and I was amazed to see that we had a lovely king size bed AND a Jacuzzi on our balcony, but the best bit is that EVERY ROOM and I mean EVERY ROOM has a sea view. All 4 hotel blocks are sea facing, so you can wake up to sunrise on the beach and sleep with your balcony door open to hear the sea all night, which we did on a few occasions and it really is relaxing.

Who Wouldn’t Want To Wake Up To This View

The Apartment Blocks

Our Room

So what do you get on the resort? Well there is 4 a la carte restaurants, as well as a sushi bar, snack bar and buffet resturant. Unlike any other All Inclusive resorts I have been to, the a la carte restaurants arent restricted, so you can go every night if you want to, only thing is its first come, first serve, you cant reserve a table. Which isn’t too much of an issue, our favourite though was the Gourmet Restaurant, the food was devine and the service was top notch, here are some of our favourite dishes!

Duck Starter

Chicken Main

Steak Main
Pesto Rice Starter

Our 2 Lovely Waiters, Aaron & Jesus!

I know we are massive foodies, but as well as all the food and alcohol you could ever need, there is about 3 or 4 pools to choose from as well as the most gorgeous white sandy beach just 2 minutes walk from every room. Its paradise! We spent a couple of days by the main pool on the beautiful day beds…..

The Main Pool

Daytime View From Our Room
Now to the beach, we spent most of our relaxing time here. We were lucky enough to meet a really lovely couple from Canada, who were kind enough to save us 2 sun loungers every day and we had a giggle with them through half of our holiday be it adventuring out into the real Akumal, drinking, eating or even just watching the fish swimming around our legs. I would often sit on a sun lounger and just watch the turtles heads bopping up for air.
I love to swim so as soon as I realised I could get some snorkel gear on and head out and swim with the turtles there was no stopping me, it is amazing to think that you can just put your head under the water and see a completely different world, the coral its self is beautiful but the fish are just as a amazing – there are so many different varieties and colours just snorkeling to see them is incredible, but when you turn your head and see a sea turtle munching away on the sea grass it takes your breath away, every time. They don’t seem to be too bothered by people, but I made sure I kept my distance as I didn’t want to upset them, I am just gutted we didn’t have an under water camera as I think I would have caught some really good pictures! 
There was one day, where the pelican police force were out in big numbers in the ocean, but never seemed to be catching anything, late afternoon Matt and I decided to take a little paddle and there was a massive shoal of fish just swimming around, there was easily over 500 fish swimming around us and a few Angel Fish in the mix, I stood still for ages and 2 Angel Fish must have got confused and started nibbling on my leg. That was too much for me and I called it a day hahaha! 
Me Snorkelling

Gorgeous Akumal Beach

Cute Little Sand Sculputre

Watching For Turtles

My Man Getting Ready For Some Ocean Fun!

Pelican Police Force

Akumal Bay Beach!

We Had A Great Time

The Sun Is Setting On Akumal Beach

More Amazing Sand Sculptures!
Wow, I don’t think this blog will be able to cope with some day trips too! So I am just going to squeeze in a of recommendation of somewhere you have to visit in Akumal!

We heard about Turtle Bay through our lovely new friends Dave & Lynda, and we weren’t disappointed, we visited during happy hour and the food is a complete steal, let alone the drinks! If you are a big sports fan, they have TVs which always have the sport on too, so a great spot to go to catch some football, be it English or American haha!

Matt Couldn’t Pass The Chance Of A Corona Or 2!

Yummy BBQ Chicken Pizza

Best Onion Rings!

Coconut Shrimp Taco’s

Shredded Beef Nachos!

Well I hope you enjoyed my first blog about our recent adventure to Mexico! There will be 3 more coming over the next few Thursdays, so keep your eyes peeled!


Emma xxxx


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