The Promise!


I wanted to share a quick post with you; you may notice over the next coming months some changes to my layout. I am going to be trying to really get my blog established and want to make sure that it has the right look and feel for me and show what I am about AND I also want to make a commitment to you that I will upload a post at least twice a week!

I have decided that every Monday will be Mani Monday, I will either be sharing with you my nails for the week OR any interesting tutorials that I have found that I think you will all enjoy. I promise this blog post will be loaded at 10am every Monday!

Then I will upload another post every Thursday at 6pm, this could be anything but hopefully will be relating to topics you all enjoy reading about, but mainly that I enjoy writing about!

Don’t forget to get notifications of when new posts go up you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. I also have a Pinterest! so there are plenty of ways you can keep up with me and all the detail is down below!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Emma xx

Pinterest: emma_pink88
Twitter: @emma_pink88
Instagram: emma_pink88


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