Just Be Happy!

When I first starting blogging a few years ago, I made the decision that my blog wasn’t going to be negative it was going to be a positive thing in my life and to this day it pretty much has been. There have been some posts that haven’t always been happy or screamed positivity but hey – that’s life! I really like to try and put my positive attitude on others and I often get frustrated when all I see on my news feed when I am browsing Twitter or Facebook and people are being so negative or constantly moaning, there is just no need for it – just because you are miserable you don’t need to force it on others – but I guess people would say the same about leading a positive life!

Our lovely friends Hayley and Lee brought me some really thoughtful gifts at Christmas that I wanted to share with you. Not only will they encourage my positive mind, but when I am feeling sad it will remind me of all the good things in my life. I also love that from what I can gather the gifts are from independent businesses, which is great I love the whole shop local and that is what I am planning to do as much as I can. So anyway onto the gifts!

Buttonsy Box Of Happy

I was really unsure when I opened this gift, I didn’t get it and in the excitement of Christmas I kind of put it to one side it wasn’t until late Christmas Day night that I had a proper look, the first card reads

I shuffled my cards (I say shuffle….I’m not very good at card shuffling) and have put them back in the box and decided that every Wednesday morning I will open up my box and see what happiness I can share with the world that week. I will post on Instagram every Wednesday what the card of the week is so that you can follow along with me as well! 
Lucys World – Happy Box

I will admit, this gift as soon as I opened it I was so excited and instantly wondered what the first thing I would put in there would be. 

I have seen this all over Pinterest where people will write happy thoughts and put them in a kilner jar to read on a crappy day, I have always liked the idea and wanted to do it, but just never got round to it! So the fact that I got this gift is perfect & I have already put in my first happy memory and I can’t wait to add hundreds more!  
I pledge you all to make 2016 your happiest yet, don’t be a Negative Nancy, it wont make you feel better. Focus on the happy influences you have around you and let them be your guide through the year. 
For starters... you. You are here and you are alive in one of the most opportunistic periods in all of history.: click on this pic to visit our site. It's full of positive and inspirational quotes collected with love!:
Emma xx

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