Festive Family Fun

It has become a family tradition in recent years that my parents host a summer party and my mum’s cousin and his family host a Christmas Party. It means that there is at least 2 times over the year that we all get together have a big catch up, drinks, food and fun. Christmas definitely is time for family and friends and I am so fortunate that I am able to go to events like this as I know there are others in the world that won’t be seeing their loved ones at Christmas, so for that, I am extremely thankful.

Unfortunately Matt had been really poorly and in and out of hospital in the run up to the Family Party, so was unable to come. I think he would be pleased to miss out, as the car journey up there with my parents and brother was just awash with Christmas Tunes and bad singing (of course not on my part!). Mum had in her mind that she wanted to visit a garden centre close by to our family as she wanted to pick up some chutney for Christmas Day, as she is doing Cheese & Biscuits in the evening! In true King style, we had a great time and I have already told Steph that next year we will make a special trip up there at Christmas (even if it’s only for the Café)!

That’s My Dad!

Full Of Festive Cheer!

Yep, I Couldn’t Resist!

I Love These!

Such A Big Kid!

We Need This For Our Garden!

LOVE This!

After an hour or so and plenty of strange looks, we headed over to our families home, which is absolutely stunning. It is very deceiving as on first impressions it looks quite small but when you go in there are rooms filled with people everywhere! 

Me & My Nanny!

2 Of My Cousins!

Grandad In His FIRST Christmas Jumper

Aunty & Gorgeous Harry, Our Youngest Family Member!

My Lovely Cousin Trina & Cousin In-Law Lauren!

Cousins ❤

As always people always congregate in the Kitchen, most of the men were in the Lounge watching sports & you could hear the children playing in the toy room. There was plenty of booze and food consumed by all, we all enjoyed a game or two and a special viewing of ELF!

Scott Really Enjoyed The Game!

Me & Adam Entertained the little ones!

My Cousin & His lovely girfriend who feeds us all with CAKE!

We all crammed in the Lounge for a viewing of……


Us 3 knew all the words!

I hope you all have the chance to spend time with your loved ones over this festive period! I will be posting pictures of all things Christmassy in December on Instragram using the #christmasatthekings. So for family & friends who use Instragram – if you happen to snap a pic PLEASE use the hashtag, it would be great to see your pictures!

Lots of Christmas Love

Emma xxx


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