Hen Weekend In Emerald City

As you know I am going to be a Bridesmaid in March for my good friend Hayley and last weekend was her long anticipated Hen Weekend! It was an early start for us all, getting a taxi to Gatwick Airport to meet up with one of the other bridesmaids. Innocently one of the girls let slip before we made it to the airport where we were headed, but that didn’t stop us giving Hayley her reveal box, once we were all checked in and had full up with breakfast!

The flight went so quick, mainly because I was snoozing, but before we knew it we were at our hotel and running around the ginormous penthouse suite taking it all in and deciding who was sleeping where!

We didn’t waste much time as we had places to go and things to see! We were booked in to the Apres Ski at I Believe Christmas Market in Dublin. We were all greeted with a Spiced Apple Cider and got all cosy with blankets and pillows. Although there wasn’t much atmosphere and the stalls weren’t open, it was a great ice breaker and gave us all a chance to get to know each other a little better!

We headed back to the hotel to warm up (as it was very cold) and get ready for a night out, we had a yummy dinner at the hotel and headed over the road to a local bar and club, for some Hen Party Fun!

There was a lot of shots and drinks consumed, but all the girls had a great night. After a big breakfast feast in the morning and a quick pop to the shops for nibbles for Saturday night, we got 2 cabs into the city and headed to Carrols the Irish Gift Shop to get some souvenirs!

Guided by Helen, we took a short walk to Temple Bar and were lucky enough to get a table, most of us tried Guinness (I took a sip of Michelle’s and it wasn’t my cup of tea) or had something different. The atmosphere was amazing and the Pub looked amazing covered in all the Christmas Lights and decorations.

After a couple of drinks and lots of giggles, we headed round the corner to another bar, where an unsuspecting Hayley learnt that we were doing a cocktail masterclass! We had 3 cocktails each and a round of shots at the end, there was A LOT of laughter and we all got rather merry!

We grabbed 2 cabs and headed back to the hotel; Myself, Hayley, Sarah & Helen were all in 1 cab & I was laughing so much my chest hurt and there were tears running down my cheeks. I have no idea what we were laughing at but it was definitely a scream! Hayley, bless her was VERY merry and when Helen & I arrived back from the off license to get the room ready for our PJ Party with Sarah, Hayley was in an empty bath after commando rolling out of the lift. We left the other 3 ladies to look after her, whilst we decorated the apartment!

We had Hayley come and relax in the front room, whilst I greeted our Naked Butler. We had to laugh when he told us he had a wardrobe malfunction and didn’t have an apron. He didn’t look too impressed when I told him he had to apron-less and soon improvised with a towel! We all had a great night, filled with secret sharing, shot drinking & party games!

So as you can see our Saturday was just as eventful as our Friday! Sunday we all got up late and after feeling a bit rough from the alcohol consumed, we decided to take it easy and head to the airport to relax before getting our flight home. So we checked out and headed to the airport, where we stocked up on food, hot chocolate and spend the last of our euro’s on Christmas gifts! However, Sarah & Hayley couldn’t resist a bit of fun!

So as you can see we all had a great time & Hayley definitely had a good send off into married life! We still have her local hen to organise but I am sure that will be just as fun!Β 
Love Emma

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