Afraid To Fly

With the recent events in Paris unraveling I can’t help but feel that the world is slowly bit surely going crazy. For months now I have said to people, probably naively that I don’t watch the news as it’s far too depressing but I have been reading the news, especially this weekend. Now, I am not going to air my political views and have a rant about ISIS or immigration, but I do feel compelled to talk to you about I and possibly hundreds of you are also feeling.
I love to travel and to fly learning about and exploring new cities and cultures. Soon I am due to fly again, I will admit it, I am anxious not to the point that I am panicking or getting myself at it, but I am worried. I am not one to look at things negatively but what if there is a problem and I can’t get home? Or worst case scenario I don’t come home?!
Yes it’s awful to think and in the past I have always been one to say ‘if it happens it happens’ or ‘it’s always safer to fly after an event like this’ and I keep telling myself that even now. Truth is, if we stay in and don’t go anywhere or do anything they have won. So we need to go about our lives as normally as we can, don’t be afraid to go out and enjoy life.
As crazy as it seems writing this has helped me to get over my nerves and actually look forward to my holiday.
Sending all my love to those effected by the atrocious events over the weekend.
Emma xxx

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