Travel Throwback

I was talking to a few of the girls at work today about how I have been working out my budget and that every penny is accounted for until this time next year and unfortunately I probably wont be able to do as much as I have been and my social life will have to take a bit of a back seat.

Later in the day I was talking to Michelle who was telling me about her trips she has planned over Christmas and in the New Year, I was very envious especially as she is off to Disneyland Paris between Christmas & New Year. We got to talking about mine & Matt’s plans for our trips next year and it got me to thinking that actually apart from our trip in January we probably wont be going away for a least another 18 months, at least not abroad!

Matt has kindly paid for a 2 week all inclusive holiday to Tenerife in January as my Birthday & Christmas present and I cant wait to get away and get some winter sun, he is being so cagey about it, I don’t even know when we are flying or really where we are staying. He has told me the name of the hotel once, but I didn’t note it down and now cant remember, I guess its all very romantic haha!

Not going away for at least 18 months is a scary thought, Matt & I have done some amazing trips since we have been together and I cant wait to think that we have so many more years to come to see so much more of the world! So I thought I would take you on a throwback (as it is Thursday) on our oversea’s holidays!

May 2011 – Rovinj, Croatia

January 2012 – New York, New York

November 2012 – Guardalavaca, Cuba

August 2014 – Rome

Las Vegas – April 2015

San Francisco – April 2015

Now there are still alot of places on our wish list, but realistically we wont be able to check all of them off before we get our own home. So we will just have to look forward to exploring more of the world in our future! 
Looking back and picking out photo’s for you guys has been such a wonderful throwback for me, in every photo I have chosen I can remember either how I felt, where it was (to a pin point), a smell or a sound. Its crazy that photo’s can do that, but also so nice too – I hope when I am older I will still be able to look back and remember those feelings.
So tell me, where is the best place you have visited? What is your favourite memory? 
Emma xx


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