Christmas Crafting

I know….its early to talk about Christmas but I love it so I am going to rabbit on all I like!

A few weeks ago now, myself and Hayley ventured out one Saturday afternoon to a local crafting place on the seafront to get our craft on and paint ourselves some early Christmas bits. I arrived a bit earlier than Hayley and decided that I would do 3 different ornaments to start off my Christmas collection. When Hayley arrived she picked out a Snowman Tealight Holder and a lovely Bowl!

So we got to painting and talking and before you knew it, our time was nearly up! They recommend 3 layers of paint to make it properly sit in the kiln and ensure that there are no lines, but I was running out of time and started to rush so my Reindeer didnt get as much love as he should have! All in all I think they turned out great – even before the kiln fire….don’t take my word for it, take a look!

They normally say it takes a week before they are ready to be picked up, but Hayley collected ours about 3 days later. We were both really happy with our little creations and definitely want to do another trip soon!

So why not find your local craft shop and get your craft on!


Emma xxx

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