74 Miles!

Can you imagine being sat on a bike for 74 miles? I can’t and dont think I would ever want to, but one of our good friends Lee decided to do it for charity (check out my previous blog post here!) and what a great thing to do!

Matt took Lee to the starting point in London for 6am Saturday morning. Helped him do the finishing touches and waited with him until he set off, before heading back home to pick us girls up and head down to Brighton!

Matt was driving the van down to Brighton and to say we were sceptical about if we could fit into a car park would be an understatement. I think we all held our breath on several occasions as we drove around the car park. After a quick wee and cash point stop, we decided to hit the lanes and see what goodies we could stumble across and that we definitely did!

After spending the weekend in Brighton for Lee’s stag not that long ago, the boys kept raving about a cocktail bar called Twisted Lemon that we just had to try, both myself and Hayley were up for it but after Matt walking us in the wrong direction for about 10 minutes we finally found it and took another 10 minutes deciding on what we were having. Unfortunately as Matt was driving he could only have a mocktail, but myself and Hayley were going for it & they were delicious!

As neither of us had eaten much earlier in the day, both myself and Hayley were feeling a bit boozy once had finished and made a sensible decision to head to the pier for some more fun, but when we stumbled across a bar called Dirty Blonde, we just had to stop for photos!

Finally we hit the pier and enjoyed the arcades and Hayley even won a Sven Reindeer on the Racing Dolphins ride…..for those of you that are wondering we were tracking Lee every 20 minutes to make sure we didn’t miss him finish – we hadn’t forgotten the real reason why we were in Brighton…..Promise!!!

After spending a couple of hours on the pier, we decided to head down the finish line ready to meet Lee as he finished. By the time we were at the end point Lee had just done the last climb and was 8 miles from the finish starting the decline down to the seafront. We took advantage of the wait and had some chips, before taking our place a the finish and watching the cyclists before Lee arrive.

After a few “is that Lee?” “what was Lee wearing this morning?” we spotted him and cheered him over the finish line!

Poor Lee looked so tired after we managed to reach him, but once he managed to get his breath back and after his massage he soon looked ok and was happy to pose for photo’s, whilst we giggled at the unfortunate placement of the mud on some peoples shorts!

Β It was such a lovely day & walking back to the van as the sun was setting over Brighton Seafront was lovely, even though there was a chill in the air. I definitely captured the best photo of the day though!

Love Emma xxx


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