Smiles In Scotland

Going on an airplane on my own is something I had always wanted to do but never thought I would, but when a good friend of mine relocated to Scotland I knew there was no way I would take the 9hr drive on my own. So I booked my ticket back in February and we counted down the weeks until my visit! I have to admit being sat an airport on your own, having time to read and relax isn’t actually that bad! Even though I was nervous about the flight it was a complete breeze! Ok it was only 1.5hrs but I think it was a nice flight to ease me in haha! 

When I arrived at Glasgow Airport I was so excited to see Vicky and her little boy Ernie I think I power walked to the exit! Seeing thier smiley faces was lovely and it was great to see them! I didn’t arrive in Scotland until about 2ish in the afternoon, so on the way back to their house in Helensburgh we stopped off at a drive through Costa and decided we would chill out for the rest of the day. Vicky has a gorgeous little pooch named Biscuit and I’m not sure if she was pleased to see me or everyone but she went crazy as we came through the front door! Ernie was the perfect host and promptly showed me where I would be sleeping and I was so touched to see 2 gifts on my bed – like a proper hotel! I was then given a grand tour of their lovely town house and we sat on the sofa and had a good natter in between helping Ernie with his puzzles! Vicky put Ernie to bed and we caught up with things over dinner before heading off to bed.


Friday morning Vicky took Ernie off to nursery for the morning and when she came back I was ready and raring to go! We headed to a local shopping village on Loch Lomond, had a browse round the shops before having a coffee and cake and more gossiping! 

Before we knew it, it was time to pick Ernie up. The 3 of us headed home for some lunch, picked Biscuit up and headed to the shore. We had great fun playing in the playground and exploring the shoreline for jellyfish and pirates hidden treasure! We were even lucky enough to spot a seal! I didn’t realise how beautiful Scotland was and was overwhelmed by the green fields and how stunning peaceful it is. 

Vicky was busy making dinner for Ernie whilst I kept him entertained playing games and with loads of toys! I hadn’t realised what a great cook Vicky was until she announced our dinner was ready chicken teryaki stir fry, made completely from scratch! It was delicious and went down well with the glass of wine! 

Saturday after tasting Ernie’s amazing Pancakes (an Abernethy tradition) we made the decision to become explorers! 

We headed off to Tarbet first, taking in the scenic drive around Loch Lomond. We had a drink and a biscuit and enjoyed watching the boats and Ernie ran off some steam. 

We headed past Arrochar and stopped in a viewing point before hitting Cairndow, we got out and stretched our legs, the views were beautiful and Ernie was positive he saw a dragon hiding in the hills! Vicky said that her Scott and Ernie had never been past that point so we decided to be proper explorers and see where the road took us. We followed the signs to a town that Vicky recognised, but when we got to a pub so we could do a quick toilet break, I checked google maps and realised we were quite far from anywhere, but there was a town opposite called Inverary with a castle so we decided to turn around and head towards Inverary and see what its all about! 

Inverary was such a lovely little village on the seafront, Ernie was besotted by one of the boats on the quay adamant that it was his and he would be the captain! There was a old Town Hall and you could also visit the Jail. Plenty of places to eat and we had lunch in The Green Door which had beautiful views across the water. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to make it into the Castle as the clouds were rolling in and we didn’t want to get back too late. Ernie fell asleep in the car whilst myself and Vicky were amazed by how low the clouds were getting and had again for the 2nd time in my trip, the discussion of how much closer we must be to sky/sun because Scotland is higher up than Hampshire?? 

We decided on the way home that the best thing to accompany our Frozen Cocktails would be Cheese & Biscuits, we stopped off at Waitrose and picked up some goodies. As soon as we got home Ernie had some dinner and was pretty much ready for bed straight away, once the little monster was sound asleep I “helped” (ok so I watched!) Vicky cook us our scrummy steak & chips! We put on pitch perfect, opened up our frozen cocktails and laid out our cheese on the coffee table and after 4 cocktails too much cheese, 1 movie and countless funny YouTube video’s later we decided to call it a night. I’m not sure what happened Saturday night, but I think I turned into a massive softie as I ended up with the cuddly Biscuit laid next to me all night. 

None of us could believe how quickly Sunday came around, we got ready, I packed up my bag and we headed off in the car to Glasgow City Centre. We were planning on being proper tourists for the day & after a quick trip to the Disney Store we went in search of the City Sightseeing Bus. 


It didn’t take us long to track it down and we jumped on and headed to the back of the top deck and waited to head off on the almost 2hr bus journey! Ernie really enjoyed seeing all the different things and myself and Vicky got to see all the sites. I didn’t realise what a Gothic city Glasgow is, some of the buildings we saw were stunning. We got to see all the main points and I think my favourite sight we saw was The Doulton Fountain on Glasgow Green, which is the largest terracotta fountain in the world. The houses on the west of the city were beautiful and looked so different to the rest of the city. 

We didn’t get to much shopping, but if I am honest I cant say Glasgow looked like a “shopping” city! We had a lovely lunch at Ed’s Diner and before I knew it we were at the airport and I was waiting to board my flight home!

I had such a lovely long weekend with Vicky & Ernie and cant wait to do it again.

Emma xxx


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