Do A Good Deed Today!

I realise this is my 2nd post about charity in a week BUT why not do a good deed? Why not give to charity, you never know when you might need that charity to help you! 

Friday night my parents, Matt & I got our gladrags on and headed out to a local Naval club to a Charity Night in memory of a young girl who lost her short life to cancer. We were all there to raise money for CLIC Sargent, a children’s cancer charity to help support the children and their families affected by cancer. The Black Tie event was in memory of my bosses niece Ali, who sadly lost her battle 3 years ago, CLIC was a big part of her journey and provided her and the family a lot of support, so when I was told about the evening that was being planned I knew that we had to be a part of it.
Getting ready was a bit of a nightmare – I had 1.5hrs to get ready after work and as usual there is always 1 think that doesn’t go right and for me it was my hair! Problem is I have thin hair and it just has no volume! I had no time to fret and managed to get my bum in gear to pick Matt up and head off to the venue. The hall was decorated beautifully and set up for the live band later in the night! We were sat on a table with some colleagues from work and we all headed to the bar first before buying our raffle tickets and guessing the name of the bear! 

aaaaah! Flat Hair!
Mum & Dad Scrub Up Well!

We all settled down and had some good food, before the raffle commenced. There was loads of prizes on offer and I am sure they called out over 20 winners, we were lucky enough to get a winning ticket and I couldnt resist picking the case of Skinny Popcorn which was accompanied by a £20 cinema voucher, which we have decided to put towards the new Star Wars movie! 

Then there was lots of dancing to the fabulous live band The Semitone Kings – they were brilliant, they had everyone up dancing straight away including my mum and dad! You cant beat a live band and I certainly enjoyed myself as I know we all did. It was great to hear on Saturday morning that we had raised over £2,000 for CLIC Sargent on the night, which is going to such a worth cause.
Such Beauties!

Now the giving doesnt end there, as you all know I am an online Partylite Consultant and Partylite’s chosen charity just happens to be CLIC Sargent! Their charity piece for the Autumn/Winter catalogue is great for all you candle lovers!  Partylite has released 3 jars in the traditional Christmas Colours all £17.95 with every jar purchased Partylite will donate £1 to CLIC. The fragrances on offer are Iced Snowberries, Crimson Berry & Emerald Balsam. 

My favourite of course is the Iced Snowberries – but honestly I already have all 3! You can do your bit for CLIC Sargent, by placing your order here I would love if we can give that little bit more charity! 

Emma xxx

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