Birthday Fun

So as most of you know, it was my birthday over the weekend and I turned 27! I wasnt overly excited about my birthday this year, I think I have hit the point where I am just getting another year older and its not very exciting. 

Matt & I were house sitting over the weekend for my boss and had the pleasure of looking after her gorgeous labrador and it was lovely to have him around keeping us entertained and dancing with me in the dining room when Matt popped to the shops!

On Sunday we had organised a BBQ with a few of our friends, I think there was around 12 of us in total, stuffing our faces with good food and drinking plenty! We ended up being separated out boys and girls, but I don’t think anyone minded too much, especially when it came to playing Rapidough and the girls won – TWICE! It was nice to catch up with everyone and have a laugh – its not very often that we can get all our friends together, so it was nice to see everyone.

I was a very lucky girl as well as I was definitely spoilt by friends and family with my birthday gifts and cards this year! I cant wait to put my ‘E’ up in my room! For those of you wondering what my lovely boyfriend got me, he didn’t get me something I could unwrap, he has paid for us to go on holiday next January to Tenerife as part of my Birthday and Christmas present.

However, I think one the most amazing things this year was my CAKE! Made by my lovely friend Hayley – it was actually amazing and tasted bloody fantastic! 

BIG Thank You to everyone that helped me celebrate my birthday!

Love Emma xxxxx

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