8 Hours On A Bike?!

I could not imagine anything worse than being sat on a bike for 6-8 hours, my bum got sore when we rode over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and we were on and off our bikes for about 2hrs!

However, one of our good friends Lee has decided to ride from London to Brighton on 26th September to help raise money for The British Heart Foundation. Lee and his fiance Hayley are big charity supporters, they already do a lot of work for a South Coast based Charity called Football For Cancer so it was no suprise when I had heard that Lee had signed up to help out for another charity. They are both such selfless people, always ready and willing to help out others expecting nothing back in return.

Lovely Couple!

Lee’s target is to raise £150 and at the point of writing this his just giving page (Check It Out Here) is already at £115! It would be fantastic if we could get Lee over and above his target. I asked Lee to fill me in on why this bike ride as I know he enjoys getting out on his mountain bike but this is a long challenging route. Lee has told me that although the 6-8 hour bike ride probably wont be enjoyable, but is looking forwards to the distance and the heights that he will be experiencing especially as the route is graded it as a 4, which is considered one of the most difficult routes and are suitable for experienced riders with above average cycling skills and fitness. Having said that Lee is looking forward to the sites that he is going to see on the way. The route itself starts off in Roehampton taking the riders through Richmond Park into Kingston on Thames and Surbiton. They will travel through parts of Surrey and the South Downs National Park before ending up on Hove Beach!

I am hoping the weather takes a turn for the better towards the end of September so that Lee doesn’t turn up at the finish line soaked to the bones! Lee has said it will be a really good challenge for him and will give him something to really push himself, Matt is going to be taking Lee to the starting point on that Saturday and myself and Hayley are going to make sure we are at the end (after some shopping in Brighton) to see him finish!

An After Shot From A Different Race This Year!

So keep your eyes peeled in a few weeks as I will keep you all updated with Lee’s progress, in the mean time why not donate the price of your morning coffee on Lee’s Just Giving Page and make sure you gift aid your donation too!


Emma xxx


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