Feed Me Your Positivity

Today I am feeling like a negative Nancy! I have no reason to be at all, Matt & I celebrated our 6 year anniversary last night (and he was late just like he was 6 years ago!). However, for some reason I just feel a bit meh….

I am not liking my body or the fact that I have been “off plan” for the last week, I don’t like my hair and can’t decide if I want to grow it or cut it. I’m annoyed that I have limited funds and all my money is going into savings (but I am saving for a house). I think I am just in a really negative moany mood and I HATE it! I hate being a moaner and being negative, it doesn’t get you anywhere and you never achieve anything so why does it happen!

I am a big emotional eater, so normally I would sit here with naughty food and use that to comfort me. Instead, I have cleaned off my nails, cut them down put on a really upbeat cheesy movie and am going to sit here and paint my nails. I am also considering having a FB break as I find that can really get on my nerves as people just like to moan to the high heavens on there. Maybe a complete social media cut – wow, I did that before, not sure I could do it again!

I think part of my negative Nancy mood is because I am not feeling good enough. I had such an amazing experience on Friday (more of that to come later) that really boosted my confidence and self worth, but today I just feel like anyone could do a better job than me at everything. I guess that is one of my big insecurities that I need to learn to overcome and have the confidence in myself that actually NO ONE can do a better job than I can and that I am the best person to being whatever it is & to stop beating myself up. I touched upon my body earlier and that is all my doing, no one forces me to eat badly or sneak one of my dad’s wine gums or a biscuit out the barrel. I am the root of my failure there and can only blame myself. So what am I going to do to correct it?

I have no idea, is the answer. I want to be more controlled in my diet, I want to have more self confidence, I want to remember that its OK that I have to say to some things to look after myself AND actually to help my future. That is another thing that is getting on my nerves, not that Matt & I seem to be really socially active right now as I love that we have friends & family around us that care about us that much to invite us to things, but part of me just wants to say ‘NO, we are saving for a mortgage!’ but then the other part of me worries that if we say no, we wont be invited again! Blood self confidence and my lack of it! 
So what do you do to help your self confidence? Those of you who are/have saved to move out, how to you graciously decline invitations or resist the urge for that meal out or those drinks at the pub? All hints and tips welcome!


Emma  xxxx


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