As Cute As A Button

About a year ago on Instagram I stumbled across a picture of a handmade hot air balloon on a canvas made out of buttons, instantly I started to follow Buttons & Buttercups and was in awe of all the amazing things that Caroline can make.
Virtually all of her gifts are personalised and each one is so unique! So when really really good family friends recently had their 2nd daughter, I knew straight away what gift to get them. I contacted Caroline via Facebook and she made the whole process so simple and easy, she even kept me up to date as to when it might arrive.
When I came home from work on Friday, the first thing on my list was to open the package…..but even the wrapping is just so pretty!!

I made my mum watch me open it so she could tell me exactly how to tie it back up! But when I pulled back the pink tissue paper, I was sooo jealous I couldn’t keep it!

And I am soo glad our friends love it too…..

Why not check out what Buttons & Buttercups they might just have the perfect gift for you!
Or search on Instagram for ButtonsAndButtercups

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