Summer At Tiffanys

When I saw that Karen Swan was releasing another book in time for summer, I almost pee’d my few months ago! It has been a long countdown to July 2nd and the release of Summer At Tiffany’s, the sequel to Christmas At Tiffany’s (the first book by Karen that I read!).

I was so excited when I picked up my copy on Friday that I wanted to start reading right away, but as it was my night with Matt, I put it to one side and decided I would take it with me to my hair appointment the following morning.  So as I relaxed into the chair whilst my amazing hairdresser did her work, I sunk straight back into Cassie and Henry’s world like I had never left.

I am not sure if you all are the same, but I often struggle in the first couple of chapters to get into a book, but this time round there was none of that, being flung straight into a medical emergency, secrets and then Henry leaving and LUKE coming back, all in the 2.5hrs at the hairdressers, I was hooked. In fact, having to stop reading for the rest of the day actually almost nearly killed me! So as soon as the chance came on Sunday to get my nose back in the book, I was straight on it. I read solidly for probably 2 hours and i felt all the highs and all the lows that Cassie was going through, Karen’s writing is fantastic and creates a way to make sure you relate to the characters and feel like you have a connection with them. So when Germ came onto the scene I was torn between giving her a chance like Cassie or hating her because I love Suzy so much, don’t even get me started on Amber!

I loved the way that Henry sent Cassie a list for Cornwall and that jump, oh boy how sympbolic was that! I wont spoil with you how the story went or how it ended or even the fact that if anything reading it 72hours is making me want an further sequel and I am gagging for christmas to come in the hope that Karen is releasing another book and I make actually properly pee my pants if it is a sequel to any of her previous books!

I am so pleased I stumbled across her books a few years ago, I have well and truly found my favourite author! So I suggest ALL of you head out to your local book store and get your hands on a copy of Summer At Tiffany’s, it really will make your summer!

summer at tiffanys



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