Little Pretzel Pockets Of Joy!

I fell in love with these little treats when my godmother first made these a few years ago when we visited them in Indiana. Now they are becoming my favourite thing to take to a party, so I thought I would let you all know how it’s done!


First of all pop down to your local supermarket pick up some salted pretzels, rolos & pecans.  I used up 3 bags of Rolos with the batch I made today.


Line however many baking trays you need (I used 2 today) and cover in pretzels and place 1 solidarity rolo on top! Oh I forgot to mention, before you get started pop your oven on low!


Pop 1 tray in the oven at a time, don’t get cocky and put them all in or you will be stuffed later! They need to be in there for approx 2 minutes…..perfect time to admire the sun!


When the time is up, take them out the oven and leave on the baking tray. Make sure your pecans are ready and put 1 on top of each rolo, gently pushing the rolo down…


Nail polish is fashion playground by Essie!

Repeat this for every tray – they should look like this..


Pop them all in the fridge, on the baking trays. For at least 1hr, so they set, then they are all yours to scoff your face!


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