A Total Virgo

If you follow me on Pinterest then you will know that I have been pinning loads of Virgo quotes recently, its crazy but every one that I read I just think – oh my god that is so me! So I thought I would share some of them with you & all you fellow Virgo’s can tell me if you thinks these match you too!

These quotes couldn’t be any truer, I am very strong willed and independent and would rather struggle and do something on my own than ask for help. On the other hand, I am so self conscious and always worry if I am a good enough girlfriend, friend, daughter, sister the list is endless. I always feel that I could be a better person to others & this year I made the decision that I was only going to have people in my life that show that they want me in theirs & that is truly difficult to accept that those who you want to be around, don’t necessarily want to be around you!

Yeah – I cant disagree with those either, I am a great listener to other people’s problems, but will rarely moan about my own and just keep it stored in. I think this is why I struggle with anxiety from time to time, but after almost 6 years I am starting to really tell Matt everything, whether it be bad or good!

virgo 9

Yup, I love a Starbucks! Whilst the grand gestures are nice, its the little personal things that count the most. I don’t overly like being the centre of attention so to just sit and chat with a friend or a family member is right up my street!

So we are going to be in Virgo season soon – that means many of us will be having birthdays coming up, how will you be spending yours???


Emma xx


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