Weddings Galore!

Since I have been asked to be a Bridesmaid x2, I have been assisting in helping the brides to fill up their pin boards on Pinterest, because of this my news feed (if thats what its called) has been full up of suggestions to do with weddings etc. So I thought, there must be hundreds, if not THOUSANDs of you out there that are planning weddings or thinking of the best way to ask your girlfriends to be your bridesmaids or maybe your fella is stuck with how to ask his brother to be his best man? Here are some bits that I wanted to share!

Best Man Problems??

If your man is anything like the other ones that I hear about, they ring their brother/best mate or have a chat down the pub, a few grunts here and there and boom – best man & ushers have been decided! I found these brilliant alternative ways of doing it….

How Cute!

How Cute!

I also saw these, you can buy these on Etsy through the shop called carinapaperco they are £2.54 each card and will be shipped from the US, so there will be postage on top too – I love these and if I was getting married, would make Matt send these out!

The Dreaded Seating Arrangement

I cant imagine that any couple that get married have no issues over the fact that Uncle Bob cant sit near Cousin Frank and Aunt Mary cant be anywhere near Aunt Carol! Once you have manged to decide who is sitting where, you need a really pretty way to tell everyone. All of these can easily be done at home, alternatively you can purchase them online too!

Here Comes The Girls!!!

Are you struggling on ways to ask your girlfriends how to be part of your big day? I have seen loads of different ways of doing it on Pinterest but these are my top 3 – there are just too many to pick from!

The Cake

I think that a wedding cake is really personal to the couple and I know in the states a grooms cake is really popular! Here are a couple of idea’s that I liked the look of & could probably fit any wedding!

So there you have it, just some bits I have been inspired by on Pinterest. I promise I am not planning my own imaginary wedding, but I wanted to share the gorgeous things I have seen!


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