Yummy French Toast!

As usual I did quite a bit of research on both Vegas & San Francisco before we went on holiday and there was 1 place in San Francisco that kept cropping up in blog after blog and it was Boudin. One blogger that I have been following for some time seemed to really enjoy it & she is a lovely lady so I knew she wouldn’t steer me in the wrong direction!

When we were in San Francisco, it got to Wednesday and I genuinely didn’t think we would get to have dinner there. I decided that I was ok with that and would mean that I would just have to come back. However I was really happy when Matt suggested having a big breakfast there on Thursday before cycling over the bridge! So we got up early on the Thursday got the Muni Bus down to fisherman’s wharf & headed over to Boudin.

I Love The Sign

I Love The Sign

As soon as I looked at what was on offer I knew I wanted to try the French Toast with seasonal fruit, Matt ordered a egg & bacon sandwich and we were told to wait at the end and our name would be called when our food was ready. So as there was also a bit of a shop to look around we had a browse! There were so many cute little bits, Matt saw a lot of chutneys and jams but because we weren’t sure if we could take them home we had to leave them there. Here are a few cute bits that I liked the look of:

My name was called and we took a seat outside, both choices looked great, personally I think mine was more appealing, what do you think?

I took the first bite and I think my exact words were “Oh My God, this is so good!’ I ate the lot! I wasn’t sure what to expect with sourdough bread, but it was so yummy! Matt really enjoyed his sandwich too and polished off the lot! It definitely filled me up! We looked round at what others had orderedΒ  (I often like to see what I could have had!) And there was a couple eating a chowder of some description out of a sourdough bread bowl. It look steaming hot and really yummy, I do wish we could have had lunch or dinner there, but it wasn’t meant to be! Maybe if we have a return visit we can try some more that they have to offer!

If you are planning a visit to San Francisco, as well as Pacific Catch make sure Boudins is on your list of places to eat, you won’t regret it!



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