Hair, Hair, Hair

I have just come back from a hair appointment at Kate Preston Hair & Beauty, who are my regular hairdressers, but I just felt compelled to share with you how great they are!

Kate has been cutting & colouring my hair now for quite sometime so I was extremely pleased for them all when Kate told me earlier this year that they had been nominated for The English Hair & Beauty Awards, it has been a long time coming and they definitely deserved the recognition! It was great to hear that they were named one of  the Top Five Hair Salon’s in the South East.

Today, I was booked in for the KP Colour Me Package which I found on their website for £79 you get all of the following:

  • Full consultation & skin test.
  • Cut & Design or Re-design service
  • Any Colour Service
  • Colour lock treatment with relaxing head massage.
  • Colour safe shampoo & conditioner
  • Glossing refresh and treatment

This is a complete bargain, as I would usually pay £80 for a cut an colour so to have all of the above for £1 less, you cant say no, the products that I came away with is worth £27 alone! This isnt the only package they do either, they have ones especially for students & teens and also The Queen Bee Package, it looks fantastic and definately something that I want to look at doing.

As well as hair they also offer beauty services anything from a file and polish to spray tans to bridal makeup! Its all really reasonably priced and although I have never used their beauty services, I have never heard any complaints in the salon!

I know this is a quick post, but I just wanted to get something out there and to all out Hampshire Ladies, give them a call and book yourself in for a treat I can promise you that you wont be disappointed and if you recommend a friend you get £10 off your next appointment as well as your friend!

Keep up the great work ladies – cant wait for my next appointment!



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