To Vlog Or Not To Vlog?!

One of my best friends is a vlogger and a bloomin’ good one too! I envy how easy she finds talking to the camera and how great she is with it too. She has over 6,500 subscribers and most of her videos have had over 5,00 views some even hitting over 30,000! When she set up her channel, I remember it mainly being about cruelty free animal products, it has now grown into beauty & homeware hauls, reviews, lifestyle topics and even some tutorials. Here are some links to some of my favourite video’s that she has uploaded!–UviY

Now, about a year ago I thought about maybe starting up a channel to go alongside my blog and be a way to actually share my experiences with you, as although reading and looking at photo’s is just as fun sometimes actually seeing something makes it ten times better. I scrapped this idea when I remembered that I don’t always wear make-up sometimes I have my PCOS beard going on or I haven’t done my hair. Then just before Christmas I changed my mind and I was determined to start a channel and sod the fact I haven’t made myself up, but something is always holding me back. I really want to share my experiences with you, but it is my own insecurities that are holding me back, but I can promise you that one day I will surprise you and I will announce that we have a channel!

In the meantime, please subscribe to Loved By Steph on YouTube and she will keep you entertained with new video’s every week!


Emma xxx

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