My Biggest Enemy

I have one enemy in this world and its something I have hated for 10 years now, its called


I have touched upon this on blogs that I have written before about my PCOS, but as it is my biggest enemy and my biggest personal issue I felt it deserved its own special time on my blog! I am unsure if my excess hair is as a result of my PCOS or if it is hereditary as there are females in my family that also suffer from this.

For those of you that dont know what Hirsutism is, it basically means excess hair in an area that women may not necessarily grow hair, which isnt exactly the most attractive thing you can have, especially as a young woman!

I have been doing some research recently to see what the causes of Hirsutism are and its actually really quite interesting and has really opened my eyes to my current diet. Basically recent studies have proven that high levels of insulin increase the development of Hirsutism, looking on good old wikipedia it does state that the above theory about insulin goes hand in hand with observations that obese women are at high risk of becoming hirsute (so basically lose some weight!!).

Now I know that Insulin has something to do with diabetes, but I am not 100% sure how the body creates insulin or how I can lower my levels of insulin to help reduce my Hirsutism. So I am going to have quick google and share what I find!

Guess what – Insulin is another bloody hormone, because I dont have too many already floating around my body! Its produced by the Pancreas to help turn sugar into engery. Another effect of insulin is to act on the ovaries to cause them to produce the male hormone testosterone.

Interestingly enough some websites claim that Insulin is the cause of PCOS, stating that women with PCOS have Insulin Resistance, meaning our bodies are resistant to the normal effect of Insulin and as a result more Insulin is produced to keep blood sugar levels normal. As a result of our bodies producing more Insulin, causes our bodies to produce more testosterone causing fewer eggs to release from our ovaries, excess hair growth and can even be the cause of weight gain!

At this point in writing this, I have changed my mind. Insulin is my enemy……Hirsutism has taken a back step, I have realised I can get rid of him when I get rid of her (Insulin)!

Its Just A Big Merry Go Round!

Its Just A Big Merry Go Round!

So to knock Insulin and Hirsutism on the head I need to figure out how to lower my Insulin levels, all websites are pointing me to 2 things, exercise and dieting. I have to admit since breaking my foot last year, the gym hasnt exactly been my top priority, but I want to reduce my Hirsutism so I need to go back, in fact I might even go tomorrow before work! Dieting… one likes to do it, I have been doing Slimming World on and off for a long time now, so I know what I should and shouldnt be eating, I just need to put it into practice.

Here we go again……


5 thoughts on “My Biggest Enemy

  1. I struggle with hirsutism bad. I hear some women on here about their hirsutism which is just chin hair. But i have it everywhere. I hate it, and it makes extremely insecure to be with anyone. I started taking inositol and it has taken the edge off things. Before i needed to shave everywhere, everyday and now some ares can go a couple days without shaving. And most of the random hair on my chest/breast have dissapeared. Ive been using it a month but its takes 6months to see full results. its also helps with anxiety and insulin resistance. I take it twice a day for a total of 3,000mg a day. I also take folic acid with it in the morning. Have you found anything that helps?

    • The one thing i found that slowed down the growth and made the hair grow back alot lighter was when i lost a tonne of weight and weighed around 10stone. I have heard alot about Inositol but cant seem to find it in any local health food shops! I do find that shaving only makes it come back x10 worse though, perhaps look into waxing or electrolysis? Keep Positive! xx

      • Im trying to lose weight but thats a saga of its own lol. Im no where near a health store so i ordered inositol on amazon 🙂 i thought about waxing but it grows so quick i wouldnt be able to keep up. Laser is something i might look into in the future. Im waiting to see if i can correct this on my own 🙂

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