Blogging To Christmas Part III

This Weeks Installment……FOOD!

When I think of Christmas food my thoughts immediately turn to:

Christmas Pudding
Terry’s Chocolate Orange
Brie, Bacon & Cranberry Sandwiches
Pigs In Blankets
Gingerbread Houses

In our house a few days before christmas my dad starts to put out all the Christmas sweets dotted around the house & are constantly refilled over the holidays – there is always something left that no one likes, but its still garunteed to go as you eat the last of the food. It is funny how certain sweets only manage to find their way out at Christmas, like Roses and Quality Street. I think every house in the UK has at least 1 tub of each of them and they are normally brought way in advance and the mum’s of the UK will hide them somewhere only to be brought out just before the big day! Terry’s chocolate orange is another one, I know you can buy the tub of segments, but it might just be me, I can never find a whole chocolate orange, only at Christmas!

Some people turn their noses up at sprouts and christmas pudding, but I love them both not together though! Christmas pudding has to be accompanied by cream of some sort, whether its flavoured cream (baileys is my favourite) or double cream and I always tend to go back for seconds!

Last year, I really enjoyed making my gingerbread men and this year, I have decided to go 1 step further and make a ginger bread house. I am going to be making it over the next few days and will of course share with you the finished product! However, I have been looking online for some inspiration…..

gingerbread house 4

gingerbread house 2


But I have this horrible feeling that mine is going to end up like this


So what’s your favourite christmas food?? what is the one thing that is always on your list? that you just cant survive the holiday season without?

Happy Eating!!



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