Sharing The Best Bits Of UK Shopping!

I am a big lover of American Shopping and the fact that when I am out there I can pick up quite a few bargains! For example, when I was in the states earlier this year in Victoria’s Secret I brought 5 items (shower gel & perfume) for $30 which works out to be approx £18. When I was in duty free headed to Rome in a ‘duty free’ Victoria’s Secret, the offer was 5 for £30 which is about $50! I know they have to import it to the UK, but seriously I just don’t get the price bump?!

I was looking at some people that I follow on Instagram the other day and they were able to buy Yankee Candles for as little as $5! It’s insane! Don’t even get me started on how much cheaper make-up and nail polish is I could rant on all day about it!

Now I know from just talking to our family friends in the states that they LOVE all things British, my godfathers daughter in law loves Aero, chocolate that I have to be honest quite often overlook! But she thought it was crazy how much American Candy I was bringing back to the UK with me!

My bestie and I LOVE to shop and we both have a love of America and especially shopping there and I can feel we are going to be a complete nightmare when we hit Vegas next year, but we will come home with some complete bargains!

Now this leads me onto an extremely random request and a suggestion that my mum put into my idea, but to all my American readers and followers, would anyone be interested in doing a box swap once every couple of months? I could send typical English things that perhaps aren’t available in the US or are more expensive and in return you could send me some US bits and pieces? If anyone is interested, please get in touch with me on facebook / twitter / Instagram as I would love to be able to get something like this started!

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