Picture the scene…I’m in a maxi dress, sandals and the moon boot, we rock up in the van to a barn with people milling around outside the girls in shorts and cowboy boots, the men in jeans & cowboy boots….to say that we stood out was an understatement. We headed into the barn and it stunk literally I have never smelt anything so bad!





It starts to rain and everyone is waiting to find out if it will take place inside or outside….the rain starts to slowly ease off & we head off outside. The seats are soaked and we have no choice but to sit on them. The kids rodeo is in full swing and I am in awe of how good & brave these kids are!

Before the adult rodeo, consisting of 60 cowboys, starts up everyone sings the American national anthem. I take the opportunity to look round and realise that we are in redneck country now & there are people here with guns & knives, there are girls walking round with their horses, people eating pork & beans and pulled pork sandwiches.

The rodeo starts up and we all are whooping and hollering for the bull & rider that we picked. I was surprised at how long some stay on compared to others. To begin with it’s not that violent and then someone falls off awkwardly and the bull appears to trample all over them but the cowboy gets up and walks away looking absolutely fine! The winner of the competition walks away with $1500 so no wonder they are taking it seriously!







All 60 riders get through ok and we decide between us that enough is enough and we retreat back to the hotel.

I loved my experience at the rodeo, even though we were clearly outsiders everyone was welcoming and we all enjoyed the new experience!


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