Bump In The Road

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I am sat here with my feet up relaxing, thinking that I really should be going off to pack…..but I am going to need a hand as I have acquired a “Moon Boot” during the week!

So last Saturday when we were house sitting, we had a couple of friends over & I decided (after 2 frozen cocktails – please note I was not drunk) that I would take the dog for a quick wee up the road, whilst I was out, I thought I will take him round the block for a quick walk, unfortunately Chester saw a cat and pulled on the lead, I was strong enough (all that hard work at the gym paid off) and pulled him back & we carried on walking, then some how (I think I fell up the curb) fell over was in a lump on the floor. I remember thinking “shit” my ankle/foot really hurts and so does my right knee, but after a quick check to make sure no-one saw me I got up and walked back to the house.

How Gorgeous Is This Dog!

How Gorgeous Is This Dog!

As soon as I got in I let Chester off the lead and made my way upstairs to the loo to regain my composure as I had started to cry and realised that my favourite £7 size 14 blue jeans had a massive hole and my knee was grazed and bloody, at this point I was aware my foot was throbbing, but was more upset about my blue jeans! Matt & his brothers partner came up to look for me and make sure I was ok – we laughed it off, but as I went to go down the stairs I realised that I could hardly weight bear on my left foot. I made it through the night and woke up in the morning to some bruising coming out, which I thought was normal & there was no swelling & I could move my toes so I figured I hadn’t broken anything.

Me & Matt spent the day down the beach and went for a really nice lunch and just chilled out, when I got home my mum & dad suggested that I just go and get it checked out just to be on the safe side, so with 5% battery life on my phone, me & dad went down A&E. They checked over my foot, I wasn’t given an x-ray and they discharged me saying it was likely to be just a sprain and not worry. Well Thursday came along and alothough the pain hadn’t got any worse it wasn’t getting any better & after chatting to Heather at work I decided I needed to see my GP, so I was lucky enough to get an appointment after work and headed down there (note that I have been driving & walking on my foot since Saturday) my GP wasn’t too happy and thought that there may be a blade of bone broken off and suggested I go back to A&E or a local walk in centre to get it x-rayed!

So me & mum headed down to the walk in centre and I told them that my GP suggested to come down and get it x-rayed etc etc. The first nurse I saw said that dependant on what the nurse practioner thinks when she examines me I might not get an x-ray today, which frustrated me slightly as I wanted it to be x-rayed to make sure I hadn’t broken anything….thankfully the nurse practioner (also called Emma) agreed it needed x-raying just to be safe. I hobbled down to x-ray and was seen straight away, I was given my notes and me & mum realised there was red dot in the x-ray bit, I said to mum that a red dot was never a good sign – but mum was being positive and said you never know it might be nothing! Emma came back round to where we were sat and said “unfortunately you have broken your metatarsal bone in your foot” and my response was “oh f**k” thankfully she said she didn’t want me in a plaster cast and agreed that I needed an air boot! She said that I could still fly WAHOOO she insisted that I needed to take crutches with me as a ‘just in case’.

Sooooo for my holiday that I have been looking forward to for pretty much 9 months I will be in an air boot, on crutches and if shopping today was anything to go by a wheel chair for some bits…..but I am sure this wont stop me having a whale of a time!!

Wheeling Round Tesco!

Wheeling Round Tesco!

Zooming Round Asda

Zooming Round Asda


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