1 week!

1 week today I will be sat on a plane flying over the Atlantic headed for NYC with the family on our last family summer holiday!

I literally CANNOT wait, I have been checking my countdown app every day to see if it says YOU CAN CHECK IN…..I haven’t started packing yet – I know my friends that read this will think “what?! she hasn’t packed once already?!” I am waiting till I am off Friday and I have had my hair done, the only problem is what to pack!

I have no idea how much to take, I already think I have written too much on my “to pack” list! I know people always over pack – but I am trying to think that I only really need a weeks worth of clothes because A) I have access to a washing machine out there and B) I plan on buying new clothes out there. Reducing your wardrobe is the most hardest thing ever – I struggle to pack for a weekend to Matt’s let alone try to plan multiple outfits out of a weeks worth of clothes!

I have all of my stuff that I have brought to take with me sat in 1 massive Primark bag ready to transfer to my actually suitcase and I haven’t even thought about make up, hair products/accessories, toiletries…..oh boy! I am sat here just thinking how in about in just over a months time I am going to have to do it all again but be a lot more restricted as we only have 1 carry on case between us and Matt isn’t going to let me pack all my stuff in there LOL!

Well wish me luck and any tips you have would be greatly appreciated!


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