Bridesmaid Duties Part I

Well I don’t think I have shared this with you but I am going to be a bridesmaid in 2016 to a good friend of mine and I thought I would share with you over the next year or so the story of my journey to being a bridesmaid!

It all began in February 2012 my friend Hayley who I work with accidentally proposed to her long term boyfriend Lee via text on 29th February (a leap year!) and he said yes!

I Don't Think Hayley Expected A Yes!

I Don’t Think Hayley Expected A Yes!

About a month after that he got in contact with me to say he wanted to come into work to propose to her and give her the ring that she chose! I was super excited to be involved in the secret planning until Hayley starting panicking as to why the ring hadn’t arrived and why had Lee changed his password to his account so she can’t see any updates! It was hard telling her she was worrying too much and that she just needed to relax! She soon realised why when she got the biggest shock of her life and he was knelt down beside her on one knee in front of the whole office!



About a month or so after that, I got a text from Hayley asking if I would be her bridesmaid! I was completely shocked as it was sooo unexpected and I had never been an ‘adult’ bridesmaid before, of course I said I would be honoured and I even got a bridesmaid badge to wear at their engagement party last September!


Over the last 18 months Hayley and I have set up a wedding board on Pinterest and we are constantly pinning things on there – Hayley & Lee have decided on a Somewhere Over The Rainbow theme for their wedding inspired by Hayley’s love of The Wizard Of Oz! So there are LOADS of ideas on Pinterest and Hayley had come to the idea of a short dress for her and us bridesmaids with us each having a colour – I am yellow!

The Link for our pinboard is

Hayley messaged me a few weeks back to say she had booked an appointment at a friends bridal shop to try on some dresses and see what she liked, so we headed down after work and met up with her sister and niece and watched Hayley try on some amazing dresses, it was lovely to see her out of her comfort zone and realise she DOES have an amazing waist hidden under her baggy clothes! Me & Livvi (Hayley’s niece) even got to try on a bridesmaid dress when Hayley thought she had found the dress to see if went with hers! When we left Hayley seemed pleased with her choice, but I was suprised as she hadnt tried on a shorter dress and our dresses were long…now I know people can change their mind but I couldn’t help wondering if Hayley was 100% happy with her choice – but I know what she is like and wouldn’t say anything!

Look At All The Gowns!

Look At All The Gowns!

Ignore The Black Bra Straps!

Ignore The Black Bra Straps!

Overthe weekend Hayley text me to say she was having 2nd thoughts about the dress and isn’t sure if she really liked it and thought she wanted a 50s style dress, I told her to make another appointment and try on a shorter dress just to see how she feels in it and reminded her that she hadn’t put a deposit down on the original dress so she wasn’t tied to anything! It left me thinking about the bridesmaid tea party we are going to this Sunday and hoping Hayley would find some inspiration from there…..


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