Forever A Drama Queen

So last week I got a text reminder of my appt to give blood – I immediately called my mum as I couldn’t remember booking it and neither could she! But I wasn’t going to miss it, I was going to go and save another life as you do each time you give blood!

I have to admit, when we rocked up I said to mum that I was more nervous this time than I was back in September! I did the normal finger prick to check my iron and all was ok, then I got called over and the lovely nurse got me sat down and I said that I was nervous this time round – she had to take my blood pressure twice, so I knew that I was getting myself worked up, but we had a chat and I felt pretty calm! I was joking with my mum as she took 4 minutes to donate a pint and I took 7!

I walked over to where the drinks and biscuits are & had a glass of water and picked some Bourbon biscuits (which they suggest you do!) I was chatting away to my mum when I felt my heart starting to race & it felt like the start of panic attack, then the room started to spin and I had pins & needles, the last thing I remember is saying to my mum I felt dizzy! The next thing I know I have 2 nurses over me asking if I am ok – in my dazed state I am wondering why there are people stood over my bed when my alarm hadn’t gone off yet! I came to a bit more once on the bed/chair thing, I was told that I had fainted – mum looked so panicked and said I had just lost all my colour and was unresponsive!

Thankfully I was attended to quickly and all the staff were lovely and wouldn’t let me leave until they were satisfied I was ok!

This hasn’t put me off giving blood – however we have booked a later time so that I can make sure I eat plenty before I go – I was encouraged to fill up on carbs too!

I can’t help but think – what a drama queen!!


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